Introduction to Empxtrack

Empxtrack is a Self-Service Human Resource (HR) application that is delivered as Software-as-a-Service in the cloud, giving organizations a highly accessible and self configurable solution. It is the lightweight version of Empxtrack system for small to medium sized organizations. It is scalable from 10 to 2000+ employees.

By allowing managers and employees to manage information and transactions, Empxtrack provides a wonderful way to streamline business processes and improve services.
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Training Management

The key benefits of Empxtrack is that it is browser based and no hardware and software is required to use it. It is available online 24 X 7 and can be accessed from any location. To access it, all you need is a web browser and that is it! As it is cloud based, all the data is stored securely on Empxtrack hardware in the company’s datacenter. Empxtrack is simple to use, easily configurable and require no HR qualification to use it.

Empxtrack has discarded the old ways of managing employees and has brought a paradigm shift to the HR applications by building an application that focuses on building a culture of success and building the best teams. It is the new face of HR application that empower employees to update and maintain their own information and consequently become is social, open, and measurable application that allows the HR professionals to become consultation partners instead of transaction processors.

Empxtrack is fully configurable and can be configured to an extent to provide the employees of your company to have a personalized experience of the application while managing themselves easily via online browser. The application can be personalized to an individual role, experience, and information needs. It helps an organization with all aspects of people management that include Appraisal, HRIS, Payroll, Leave and Attendance, and Personal Data Update, and Portal Management.

The Appraisal module helps you to considerably reduce the time and money you spend in manually conducting the appraisals. It provides a number of well designed forms and templates to automate the appraisal process. The HRIS module is an exclusively powerful tool that empowers you to manage workforce activities like managing Qualifications, Age, Skills, Locations, Pay, Grade, Job, Transfers, and Terminations of employees.

The Payroll modules allows you to reduce the payroll processing cost substantially. It is fully integrated with HRIS and automatically takes into consideration all payment variables like leave, absenteeism, loans, advances, overtime, incentives, bonus, hourly wages, and contractor payments etc. The Leave and Attendance module allow the employees to mark their attendance online and apply for leave online. The HR managers and managers are allowed to configure the leave types easily and approve leave efficiently online in no time!

The Personal Data Update module allow employees to manage their own data. They can enter their Employment Details, Contact Details, Dependents Details, and Qualifications in the system. The Portal Management feature allows you to customize the portal appearance as per your requirements. You can add / remove the links as you wish.