View Reports

View Reports

As soon as you calculate salaries, the Reports option is available to you. You can view the all the reports available in the section for a single employee or for multiple selected employees. To view reports, you need to:

1.  Initiate Payroll Run. To know more about initiating payroll run, click Run Payroll.
2.  Calculate Payroll. To know more about calculating payroll run, click Calculate Payroll
3.  Select the employees whose reports you want to view by selecting the corresponding check box in the front of employee’s name. You can select Select All check box to select all the employees in one go.
4.  Select the pay period for which you want to view the report from the pay period dropdown appearing under View Variation Report link.
5. Click on the desired report link on the left side of the page under Not Calculated button to view the report for the selected employee(s), as shown in Figure 2-28-1.

 Figure 2-28-1

View Salary Heads Report

a.  Click View Salary Heads report to view the salary amounts for selected employees under each salary head, as shown in Figure 2-28-2.

Figure 2-28-2

View Monthly Heads Report

b.  Click View Monthly Heads report to view the salary specific changes for the selected pay period for the selected employees under each monthly sheet variable head, as shown in Figure 2-28-3.

Figure 2-28-3

View Statutory Deductions Report

c.  Click View Statutory Deductions Report to view statutory deductions from the selected pay period’s salary for the selected employees under each statutory variable head, as shown in Figure 2-28-4.

Figure 2-28-4

View Consolidated Report

d.  Click View Consolidated Report to view the consolidated earnings and deductions for the selected employees for the selected pay period, as shown in Figure 2-28-5.

Figure 2-28-5

View Variation Report

e.  Click View Variation Report to view the comparative consolidated earnings and deductions of the selected pay period and the previous pay period of the selected pay period, for the selected employees, as shown in Figure 2-28-6.

This report allows you to generate a high level report to track any noticeable changes in the salaries of employees from the previous pay period.

Figure 2-28-6

You can download a report on your computer as a PDF file by clicking on the icon.

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