View Pay Slip and Salary Details

View Pay Slip and Salary Details

As an employee, you can view your salary details for the current year as well as previous years. You can view the salary slips for the current pay period or for the pay periods for which the salary has been received.

To view your salary details, you need to:

1.  Log into the system.
2.  Roll on the cursor to My Profile tab and then select My Salary & Benefits option, as shown in Figure 2-22-1.

Figure 2-22-1

The My Salary Details page appears, as shown in Figure 2-22-2.

By default, the Pay Related tab and Pay Slips sub tab are selected. The Pay Slips tab displays all the pay periods of the current financial year and the salary details for the pay periods for which salary has been transferred to your bank account.

The page displays the total amount credited to your account as salary in Total Amt field and the date of credit in Credited On field. It further displays your earnings and deductions in the Credit and Deductions field and payment mode in the Paid Via field.

3.  Select the financial year from the Financial Year tab if you wish to see the salary details of a previous year.
4.  Click on the pay period link for a period for which salary has been paid to you, to view the salary slip of that pay period.

The pay period appears as a link only for the pay periods for which the salary has been paid to you.

Figure 2-22-2

The payslip for the selected time period appears as a new window, as shown in Figure 2-22-3.

You can view the PDF link on the top left corner to download the payslip as PDF file. You can click File->Print to print the payslip.

Figure 2-22-3

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