Add a New Leave Type

Add a New Leave Type

To add a new leave type, you need to:

1.  Log into the system as HR manager.

The My HR tab displaying your home page appears, as shown in Figure 3-2-1.

Figure 3-2-1

2. Rollover mouse on the Settings tab and then select Leave option from the menu that appears, as shown in Figure 3-2-2.

Figure 3-2-2

Alternatively, click on the Settings tab and then click on Leave section heading, as shown in Figure 3-2-3.

Figure 3-2-3

The Leave Setting page appears, as shown in Figure 3-2-4.

The page displays all the functionalities that you can perform to customize the leave module according to your requirements.
Help on each functionality can be seen by just clicking on the help icon ( ) next to it. The left navigation bar opens up the Leave node and displays all the subnodes under it.

3. Click on Leave Configuration link.

 Figure 3-2-4

The Setup Leave Types page appears, as shown in Figure 3-2-5.

The page displays the types of leave available in the system, their applicability and their workflows for each user in the system. The page also allows you to add a new leave type and modify the leave rules of existing leave types.

4.  Click Add a Leave Type button appearing at the top right corner of the page, as shown in Figure 3-2-5.

Figure 3-2-5

The Add Leave Type page appears, as shown in Figure 3-2-6.

5.  Provide the abbreviation for the leave type in the Short Name field and the name of the leave in the Leave Label field.

6.  Select the applicability of the leave from the Applicability field. If the leave is applicable to all the employees of the company, select Everyone option, else select Group option and then select the group to which the leave is applicable.

For example, in the current example, the Maternity leave is applicable only to female executives, so the Female Executives group is selected.


The groups are not built-in in the system, you need to create the desired groups. To know how to create groups, click Create Groups.

Figure 3-2-6

You need to now select the workflow for each user of the leave module to specify how each user can take action on this leave type.

7. Select the workflow that is applicable to each user for this type of leave from Employee Workflow, Manager Workflow, HR Manager Workflow, HOD Workflow, and Reviewer Workflow dropdowns.

The available options are:

  •  Lite-Direct : Allows direct approval or self approval. This option can be selected for the HOD, CEO or other senior executives of the company
  • Lite- Manager: Allows managers to create an approved leave request for a subordinate.
  • Lite-Employee- Manager- HR: Allows employee’s leave request to be approved by the manager and then by HR.
  • Lite- Manager- HR: Allows the manager to create a leave request for a subordinate and then send it to HR manager for approval.
  • Lite-Employee- Manager: Allows employee’s leave request to be approved by the manager.

8.  Click Save button, appearing at the end of the page, as shown in Figure 3-2-7.


Figure 3-2-7

The leave is successfully created and a message suggesting the same appears, as shown in Figure 3-2-8.

The leave appears in the list of leave on the Setup Leave Types page, as shown in Figure 3-2-9.

You can now configure the leave rules for the leave type. To learn about configuring leave rules for a leave, click Configure Leave Rules.

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