Set up roles

This functionality allows you to create multiple roles (Implied and Relationship based) in the application.  Empxtrack supports 2 kinds of roles  Implied and Relationship based. Both admin and HR manager can set up new roles in the application as follows

  • Log in Empxtrack as admin or HR manager
  • Click on “Set up roles” under General settings as shown below

  • Set up roles window displays some of the already created roles list like CEO, HR Manager, Manager, Reviewer etc.  To add a new role in the list click on Add new role button.


  • Select Implied role radio button to create implied roles. Implied roles are based on search criteria (such as HR Manager for a specific location) to identify the employees (from the location) who would be included as subordinates and are required in Global Role Setup. Implied roles can further have different access permissions as restricted access to available modules.

  • Select relationship radio button and choose the relationship from the drop down to create new relationship based role.  Relationship based roles are named roles (such as a Manager-Employee relationship) and are typically uploaded through the Upload reporting relationships or setup using Employee profile section. You would typically require the creation of additional roles if you are a large company (different HR people for different processes) and want to build custom workflows.


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