Moving from Empxtrack Free Payroll to Paid Version

Empxtrack Free Payroll users can upgrade the application to a paid edition to access multiple additional features of Payroll, HRIS, Leave and Attendance. Bronze Edition comprises of advanced features along with the ones that are already available in Free Payroll and HR software.

In the paid edition, users get customized software features and full customer support from Empxtrack team. Upgrade to get additional modules like Performance Management, Recruitment, Manager Services and more.

Purchase Empxtrack Payroll Paid Edition

To upgrade the Free Payroll software to a paid version, you need to:

1. Login to Empxtrack Free Payroll and HR software as an HR manager or HR Admin. The landing page of the application appears as shown in Figure 1. Click Upgrade button give on the top bar.

Figure 1

View Details of Bronze Edition with Pricing and Features

2. Click Upgrade button to purchase the paid edition as shown in Figure 2.

A new page appears that displays detailed information about Empxtrack Bronze Edition. This edition comprises of multiple modules and advanced features in each module.

The list features and functionalities of each module helps to understand the difference between Free Payroll and Bronze Edition.

Figure 2

You can view Frequently Asked Questions to avoid confusion when making a choice.

3. Click the Plus sign to get detailed information mentioned against each module as shown in Figure 3.

For both editions, there is a list of modules that specify the features and functionalities available. The green tick specifies that the functionality is available and red cross specifies that it is not. In most of the sections, you can view description of the available feature and functionality.

The Pricing is shown for Bronze edition with the listed modules and features. The mentioned pricing is applicable for per employee, per month.

Figure 3

4. A new window Upgrade Subscription appears on the screen. Specify a value in the field labelled as Specify number of employees and then click Apply button.

Note: To buy Bronze edition, minimum count of employees should be 25.

Payment Process

5. In the next step, specify your Contact Information (Phone number and Email id) and proceed further to make payment. Click on Pay By Card button shown at the bottom of the dialog box as shown in Figure 4.

Figure 4

6. Users can make payment through Razorpay (Indian customers) and Stripe (International customers outside India).

7. Enter your card details and proceed to pay. Empxtrack never stores any of your credit cards and bank accounts which are used for making payments to Empxtrack.

8. Post payment, your purchase for Empxtrack Paid edition is successfully done. You can start using the purchased product for your organization.

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