Navigation in Empxtrack

There are various areas in Empxtrack that can assist users to complete their tasks quickly. Empxtrack navigation is based on the Main menu, Search bar, Icon bar, Employee menu, Quick access shortcuts, Settings, Employee preferences, Help menu, Widget menu.

Main menu


  • Empxtrack divides the full functionality into 4 distinct areas: Engage, Measure, Process and Excel.
  • This may or may not be available depending on your product version.
  • Clicking on any one of these dashboards displays dashboards related to the functionality in each area.

Search Feature


  • Empxtrack provides a Search feature allowing users to quickly access product functionalities.
  • Type any keyword or phrase related to the functionality that you want to access and hit search icon. The relevant options appears and you can click on any of them to perform a specific task.

Icon Bar


  • Breadcrumbs
  • This allows navigation to a parent pages and helps when we have 2 or 3 level deep pages.
  • Quick access icons
    1. This contains many icons with links to functionality that are used often.
    2. Icons include attendance, message center, activity calendar, company directory, employee search and many others icons based on the version purchased by you.
  • Role menu
    1. Clicking on the role (such as HR Manager) opens role menu where you can view all the roles assigned to you and functionality associated with each role.
    2. Changing your role may change the menu options available.
    3. Once you click on one of the menu items, your role changes and the appropriate page is selected.
    4. Role once selected remains the same till it is changed explicitly.



  • Some pages may support filters such that you can change time periods, financial year, selecting a sub-group of employees or selection of a specific employee.
  • Filters may change based on the page and its filter requirements.
  • Filter once set remains the same till it is reset or changed.

Employee Menu


  • Employees have a menu that is available to HR and Managers. Based on the functionality available, the user can access the functionality associated with the employee.
  • The menu items depend on the functionality enabled in the product.

Quick access shortcuts


  • Certain modules such as Payroll, HRIS have many different options. These are displayed in the Quick access shortcuts


  • As an HR Manager, you have access to all configurations through the Settings page that is available in the Role Menu. Click on the Current Role (HR manager) given in the Icon bar, and then click Settings.


Note: This is the Settings page of Empxtrack Free Payroll software. The configuration options on this page may vary depending upon the product that you are using.

Employee preferences

  • You can update your personal preferences such as Language, password, style sheet by clicking on the menu next to your photograph.

Help Menu


  • Most pages have a title and a question mark next to the title. Clicking on the question mark icon displays a page specific help.
  • The links at the bottom (if available) will take you to empxtrack full page help.

Widget Menu


  • Widgets contain sub-menus that contain sub-functionality about each widget
  • The above displays sub-menus for Leave widget

Table Menu


  • Hovering on a row in any table displays menu options with icons. This indicates the activities that can be performed on a specific row.
  • Hover on an icon and a label will display and help explain the functionality being offered.
  • Clicking on a row would run the first function automatically.

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