Manage custom work flows

Manage custom work flow allows you to create global or specific process wise work flows in application. You can create one work flow and apply to various processes or you can create distinct work flow for a specific process. e.g Leave approval work flow for leave, appraisal work flow, workflow for goal setting or tracking.

To create customized workflow you need to log in as administrator and follow steps below

  1. Click on “Manage Custom workflow” under general settings
  2. On next window click on “Add New” button to create new work flow

3. On the next window complete step 1 of work flow creation as follows

a. Write unique workflow name, no spaces are allowed

b. Choose global radio button if you want one work flow for all processes otherwise choose Applies to specific      radio button followed by specific process name  from the drop down

c. Select the roles involved in work flow from the left hand column and click on forward arrow to move to the selected column and click on save and next

4. Next window allows you to complete Step2 as follows

a. Select states of work flow object (like, leave, appraisal etc) in orderly manner, you would like the work flow process to complete

b. Select the actions performed by the work flow stake holders (Roles) during work flow process

c. Click on Save and next to move ahead

5. Select state transitions within the work flow process from first state to final state in ordered manner as shown below and save and next to complete step 3


6.  In this step you define the State-Role-Action tuples. i.e You identify the role which can perform a certain action on a specific state of the object and define all such tuples. For instance you can define a rule saying that only an employee can create a Leave workflow in the does-not-exist state. This will be defined by creating a tuple Does-not-exist(state)-Employee(Role)-Create and Submit(Action)

a. Provide the numeric order of the action performed by the user

b. Choose specific user that will perform the action from drop down

c. Select state in which action is being taken by the user from state drop down

d. Select the name of action from action drop down

e. Write the alert notification to be displayed to the user on completion of specific action

g. Choose the another work flow stake holders  who will get the notification/e-mail and write notification and e-mail content as shown

h. Choose the immediate next state of work flow movement as shown below and click on save to complete the action tuple


The complete action tuple would look like below




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