Introduction to Payroll Module

Introduction to Payroll Module

Empxtrack Lite payroll module is a flexible, easy to use, scalable, and functionally rich solution that is built on SaaS (Software as a Service) technology. The Empxtrack Lite payroll module provides a fully functional payroll processing and management system that is integrated with the Human Resource Information System (HRIS), Leave, Attendance, and Loans and Advances software modules, allowing single data entry.

The payroll module is fully customizable. You can configure it yourself according to the specific requirements of your company. You can configure the time periods, pay period types, pay periods, and salary variables according to your specific requirements yourself.

To calculate salary of employees, Empxtrack Payroll module takes into account all taxation rules of the country in which it is implemented. It captures employee investment declaration for tax benefits and deducts tax according to government laws. It supports multiple salary structures for different salary grades and provides flexibility to modify the salary head amounts for employees in same grade.

Besides, the time sheet integration of payroll module allows the payment calculations to be done on different frequencies such as, fortnightly, weekly, and monthly basis for different types of workers working in a company such as employees, contractors, commission based workers, and piece-rate employees. Also, it takes into account the overtime pay and performance incentives to calculate payroll.

The users of payroll module are:

Employee: An employee in the payroll module can perform following tasks:

As an approver, an employee can verify the payroll calculation and approve the payroll so that salaries can be distributed to the employees. As an approver, you can:

Verify and Approve Payroll

HR Manager: The HR Manager is responsible for configuring payroll according to the company’s policies. The payroll configuration is a one time activity. To configure payroll, the HR Manager can perform the following tasks:

  • Download Employee Salaries

Once the payroll is configured, the HR Manager is responsible for running payroll at the end of each pay period and calculate and distribute salaries of employees. In addition, (s)he is responsible for challan management. The HR Manager can perform the following tasks:

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