Initiate Payroll Run

Initiate Payroll Run

To  Initiate payroll run, you need to:

1.  Log into the system.
2.  Roll on the cursor to Manager tab and then select Manage Payroll option, as shown in Figure 2-10-1.

Figure 2-10-1

The Manage Payroll node expands in the left navigation bar with Run Payroll node selected. The right pane displays the Run Payroll page, as shown in Figure 2-10-2.

The page displays the selected financial year in Financial Year dropdown, and the selected pay period type in Pay Period Type field. All the pay periods of the selected financial year appears in the list with the payroll processing information in Processed and Disbursed columns.

The Actions column displays the locked and open pay periods with closed and opened lock icons respectively. It also allows you to view the pay period details of each pay period.

You can process salaries, disburse salaries, and view payroll reports for open pay periods and only view payroll reports for the closed pay periods.

It is always better to lock the pay periods for which salaries have been disbursed to avoid any mistakes of using them again.

3.  Click  icon for a pay period for which you want to run payroll process.

 Figure 2-10-2

The Run Payroll page now displays the list of employee for which you can run the payroll for the selected pay period. In addition, the page displays four tabs as four basic steps that would be followed to run the payroll. The current tab or the step on which you are at present is always highlighted and show the number of employees processed on that step, as shown in Figure 2-10-3.

Once you have the list of employees for whom you can run payroll for the pay period, you need to calculate payroll. To know how to calculate payroll, click Calculate Payroll.

 Figure 2-10-3

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