HR Manager Functionality In Payroll

HR Manager Functionality In Payroll

As an HR Manager, you need to run the payroll for each pay period defined in the system. After running the payroll, you also need to manage challans for the organization.

As an HR manager, you can perform the following tasks:

Run Payroll

  1. Initiate Payroll Run
  2. Calculate Payroll
  3. Send Payroll for Approval
  4. Finalize Payroll
  5. Set Payment Mode
  6. Disburse Payroll

Manage Challan Info

  1. Capture Multiple Challan
  2. Capture Challan TNS 281 Details
  3. Generate Form 24Q
  4. File Validation Utility
  5. Add Acknowledgment Info

Manage Employee Declaration

View Reports

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