Finalize Payroll

Finalize Payroll

Once the payroll is calculated, it needs to be finalized by the approver, if you have configured the payroll to get the payroll approved by the approver.

To finalize the payroll, you need to:

1.  Initiate Payroll Run. To know more about initiating payroll run, click Run Payroll.
2.  Calculate Payroll. To know more about calculating payroll run, click Calculate Payroll.
3.  Send payroll for approval. To know more about sending the payroll for approval, click Send Payroll for Approval.

The payroll calculation for all the employees is approved and finalized by the approver. Once the payroll calculation is approved, you get a message that suggests that the payroll is approved for the specified pay period on your home page, as shown in Figure 2-13-1.

4.  Click View link on the message.

Figure 2-13-1

The approver verifies the payroll and finalize it. During verification if the approver finds any error, (s)he can send it for recalculation. A rejection message for one or more payroll records appear on the home page, as shown in Figure 2-13-2.

Figure 2-13-2  

The records for which recalculation is recommended by the approver appear with icon, as shown in Figure 2-13-3.

5.  Erase the payroll by clicking on the icon for the record(s) and then calculate the payroll again, as shown in Figure 2-13-3.

Figure 2-13-3

The employees whose payroll is erased appear in Not Calculated tab, as shown in Figure 2-13-4.

For the erased payroll, you need to Run the payroll process again. To know more about running the payroll process, click Run Payroll.

 Figure 2-13-4

6.  Click Finalized tab to view the records that are finalized.

The finalized records appear in Finalized tab with their number. For example, if 14 records have been approved and finalized by the approver then number 14 appears in Finalized tab, as shown in Figure 2-13-4 above.

Once the records are finalized, adjustments cannot be made to them. You can only delete or view the records. If you delete them they will be moved to Not Calculated tab and you will have to follow the same process of calculating the payroll again.

You can now disburse the salaries. To know more about disbursing salaries, click Disburse Payroll. Before disbursing salaries, you can set the payment mode of salaries. To know more about setting the payment mode of salaries, click Set Payment Mode.

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