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Download the file validation utility from NSDL website. Visit the link and download e-TDS/TCS FVU.exe version 6.6 for quarterly eTDS/TCS statement.

Figure 1

Once you successfully install the File Validation Utility, you need to:

1.  Go to directory path where e-TDS validation utility is installed and click on TDS_FVU.bat file. The File Validation Utility dialog box  appears as shown in Figure 2.

2.  Specify the name and path for Form24Q text file (.txt extension file) generated by Empxtrack system by clicking Browse button of TDS / TCS Input File Name with Path field.

Input file name which should not be more than 12 characters (including the .txt extension) and should not contain any special characters e.g. : , \ / etc.,.

  Figure 2

3.   Specify the name and the path of the Challan file (with the .csi extension) downloaded from Challan Status Inquiry for the verification of challan in TDS/TCS statement by clicking Browse button of Challan Input File Name with Path field.

4.  Specify the path for the error file to be generated by the FVU on completion of validation by clicking the Browse button of Error/ Upload & Statistics Report File Path field. Do not specify any filename, only provide the path.

5.  Click Validate.

If any errors found, *.FVU file will not be generated and Report file contains the List of errors in the Text file. The errors in the text file appears, as shown in Figure 3.

 Figure 3

The error has occurred because wrong percentage was mentioned in Annexure -1 (deductee sheet). You might have deducted 1% tds on bill amount, but wrongly shown in Rate at which Tax Deducted (427) 27 in 26Q (percentage column) 2%. On correction of this percentage, above error removes automatically.

If File Validation is successful, FVU generates a Report file with the Statistics of the return and a *.FVU file with Text file converted to a compatible format (With addition of few more details) for the software in TIN FC (SAM [ Statement Acceptance Module].

Deductors furnishing e-TDS/ e-TCS returns are required to furnish a control chart – Form 27A/ 27B in physical form along with the e-TDS/e-TCS return furnished in CD/Pen Drive.
Form 27A is a summary of TDS return (Form 24, 26 or 27), which contains control totals of ‘Amount Paid’ and ‘Income tax deducted at source’

Form 27B is a summary of e-TCS return (Form 27E) which contains ‘Amount Paid’ and ‘Income Tax Collected at Source’. The control totals mentioned on Form 27A/ 27B should match with the corresponding control totals in e-TDS/e-TCS return file.

Form 27A is required to be furnished separately for each TDS return (Form 24, 26 or 27). Form 27B is required to be furnished separately for each TCS return (Form 27E)

After Validating the input file, copy the *.FVU file  to a Floppy/CD and enclose it with a covering Letter (Form 27A) duly signed by the responsible person. Both together should be submitted to the TIN FC. TIN FC will upload the *.FVU file through SAM and generate an acknowledgment receipt on the Form 27A furnished.

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