These FAQs are related to Empxtrack Free Payroll and HR software

Registration and Enrollment

Once our team validates your information, you will receive an email containing login credentials to access the Empxtrack Free Payroll and HR software with pre-populated employee data.
Post verification, you will receive log in credentials. Access the free trial first with pre-loaded employee data to try out multiple functionalities. Once you are familiar with the product usage, clear the trial data and setup your company information to quickly start using the Free Payroll and HR software for your organization. You can get required support from Empxtrack team by clicking “Need Support” button.
Add employees, manage leave and attendance, run payrolls and ensure compliances using Empxtrack.
You can access online help here Payroll. Get required support from Empxtrack team by clicking Need Support button in the Setup mode of the application.
Paid version of Empxtrack allows integration with other applications. It also supports API integration.
Empxtrack Free Payroll can be used for up to 75 employees without any constraint on usage and access. Upgrade to Bronze edition to use the application for more than 75 employees. Take the benefit of using advanced features and additional modules like Performance Management, Recruitment, Manager Services and more.
You don’t have to be a payroll expert for using the software. The application is very simple to use and you can access online help and FAQs to learn more.
Paid version of Empxtrack allows easy import of past payroll and employee data.
Upgrade to the Bronze Edition to avail advanced features of Payroll, HRIS, Leave and Attendance. Once you upgrade to the Bronze Edition, you will get an option to add more modules like Performance Management, Recruitment, Manager Services and more.
Migrate from Free payroll to Bronze Edition.
You can sign-up anytime and start using the Empxtrack Free Payroll software for up to 75 employees.
Free Payroll is compatible across all browsers (Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, Apple Safari) and no additional hardware is required to use the application. It is recommended that you upgrade your browsers to the latest version for full security and availability of latest features. You would only require a reliable internet connection and a browser to run the application.
There are no hidden charges involved. You won’t have to pay a single penny for using Free Payroll unless you wish to upgrade the software.

The Setup Company Information functionality allows users to configure the Empxtrack Free Payroll application to map their company’s processes.

Users can upload or change the company logo and input/modify address and other details of the company to personalize the application.

In application setup mode, users can get required support from Empxtrack team by clicking “Need Support” button at any point of time.

Setup basic company information

Setup Empxtrack Free Payroll for Your Company

We offer separate trials for Empxtrack Free Payroll and HR software, and Performance Management software. The trial is populated with pre-configured data. You can try out the application with pre-configured data, then setup your own data and then purchase relevant products.

Setup Empxtrack Free Payroll for Your Company

Moving from Empxtrack Free Payroll to Paid Version

You can share your queries and experience with us at [email protected]. We would be happy to help you!


The setup company details allow you to customize the Empxtrack system for your company.

Users using the system would be able upload /change the company logo and input/modify address and other details of the company to personalize the application.

Learn more about setup company information


You can set up/modify time information using time settings functionality.

This functionality allows users to set all application parameters related to time and date. Specify the date format, starting date for week, time zone, financial year and time period.

Financial year is useful for activities such as payroll, expenses, travel, joining and exits and time period is important for all other activities such as Performance Management, Goal sheets, Timesheets, Training calendar, Manpower planning and various reports and filters.

Learn more about time settings

The person who takes the enrollment is assigned the HR Manager privileges.

To update the HR manager, you need to use the Configure groups and roles functionality.

Groups are a collection of employees in one common set, such that these groups can be assigned roles for access authorizations.

Role specific groups allow you to create roles such as HR Manager or CEO and assign them to appropriate managers. To know more about this you need to click the link below.

This functionality is available only in the paid edition

Learn more about configure groups and roles

This functionality is available to HR only (The person who enrolled for the product)

When you are in the Free Payroll Trial and logged in as HR

When you are using Empxtrack Free Payroll

  • Click on the Upgrade button

  • View advanced features and modules covered in Bronze Edition

  • Click Upgrade button associated with Bronze edition

  • Provide your credit card information. We capture payment information through RazorPayand Stripe, a globally acceptable and secure payment processor.

  • Once purchase is verified, the system will automatically upgraded to Empxtrack Bronze Edition

  • Empxtrack team will provide required support to configure the product as per your needs

  • Moving from Free Payroll to a Paid Edition

When you want to upgrade

  • Click on Upgrade to view additional Empxtrack advanced features

  • Upgrade by specifying the number of employees

  • Once upgraded, Empxtrack team will work with you to configure the product as per your needs.

  • Registration and Enrollment

Empxtrack Masquerade functionality allows HR to login as an employee  to train employees, resolve their problems, address queries and in rare cases make approvals when a manager is not available.

HR doesn’t need to do this by asking the employee  for their password but instead can login by using the masquerade functionality.

Click on Settings >> Employee Management >> Masquerade and enter in the employee name. Masquerade shows at the top and all actions by HR are put on an audit trail for security. Once HR is done they can click on the Masquerade link and will be logged back into their login.


There are various areas in empxtrack that can assist users to complete their tasks quickly.  Empxtrack navigation is based on the Main menu, Icon bar, Employee menu, Quick access shortcuts, Settings, Employee preferences, Help menu, Widget menu.

Learn more about navigation in Empxtrack

Empxtrack has 100s of customers across the world and large global organizations, governments, financial institutions and many small and mid-sized organizations use empxtrack to manage employees.

We take full precautions in managing your data and follow stringent security guidelines in accessing data. It does not matter whether you are using Empxtrack Free Payroll or an advanced purchased edition. We take the same level of care in managing your data.

Refer to the following

Privacy Policy

Terms of Service

Running Payroll

Empxtrack offers full featured and absolutely Free Payroll to all Indian organizations to encourage compliance and ease in payroll processing.

The free offering includes Employee database (HRIS), India Payroll, Attendance, Leave, Workflows and Configurable reports and allows login to both employees and HR.

Empxtrack Free payroll is “free forever” for upto 75 employees with no constraints on usages and access.

Learn more about Payroll Management using Empxtrack

A pay period is the duration for which you pay a salary. Pay periods are typically Monthly, Fortnightly or Weekly. In India most companies pay salaries on a Monthly basis.

Empxtrack allows automatic generation of pay periods for each financial year once you specify the start date of the first pay period.

Note: Empxtrack Free Payroll offers only Monthly pay periods.

Learn More about Pay Periods

Setting employee salaries is very easy in Empxtrack. You can go to the employee profile, click Employment history and and set or modify the employee’s salary.

Alternatively, you can go to the Payroll >> Setup salary structures section and set the salary of an employee. You can simultaneously set salaries for multiple employees by using Upload salary details for employees functionality on the page.

For ease of use and reporting, salaries are based on salary structures and the paid version of Empxtrack supports multiple salary structures with editable heads and capabilities to assign formula to salary heads.

Setup Salary Structure

Assign Salary to Employees

Empxtrack Free Payroll uses the following steps while calculating employee salary

Days workedAttendance rules and daily hours logged identifies the number of days an employee has worked Holidays, weekends and Leave are counted as paid days. Percentage of Salary to be Paid = Days Worked / Total days in month
Out of salary paymentsAny out of salary payments (such as commissions, arrears, loan returns etc.) are input by HR
Eligible salaryEligible salary = Percentage of salary to be paid * Employee monthly Salary + Out of salary payments
DeductionsDeductions such as ESI, PF, TDS, Professional taxes are identified on the basis of location, investment declarations, and taxation rules
Net salary calculationsEligible salary - Deductions

Paid and advanced version of empxtrack allows multiple configuration options, different rules for different kinds of employees and integrations with other modules for seamless calculation of Net salary.

Empxtrack free payroll process has been streamlined around 3 simple steps that help in easing the pains associated with payroll processing

Each of these steps offers significant configurability and options based on the Empxtrack version being used. Read more about different steps related to payroll processing in the following help sections

Payroll Management using EmpxtrackUpdate and Verify Employee Data for Payroll Run
Regularize AttendanceHow to Import Days Worked
Update Out of Payroll PaymentsCalculate Deductions
Payroll ReportsView Pay Slip and Salary Details
Share Payslips with Employees

Empxtrack Free Payroll offers all statutory reports that are generated because of processing of payroll in empxtrack and required for India statutory compliance. You can read more about these reports with the associated help links

Report NameHelp URL

ESIC is Employees state insurance corporation. The benefits given by the ESIC are in line with the conventions of Conventions of International Labor organization. It includes benefits like medical, sickness, diablement, benefits, etc.

An employer deducts ESIC and PF contribution from employee’s income every month to meet statutory compliance.

Each of these social security schemes has a specific percentage of contribution from employees and employer.

Generate ESIC

Form 24Q

Each employer is responsible to submit Form 24Q, a quarterly statement, to the income tax department. Form 24Q is used for preparing eTDS returns for TDS deducted on salary.

This form is expected to be submitted on a quarterly basis with complete details on salaries paid to the employees and their tax deduction details for each month.

Generate Form 24Q

Form 16

Form 16 is generated to certify details regarding an employee’s salary earned throughout the year and the deductions made. The deductions are paid to the government by the employer. Tax payers ought to use Form 16 for filing tax returns at the end of the financial year.

Generate Form 16

Empxtrack allows storage of exemptions and deductions mapping to the relevant sections of the Indian Income tax. These help in accurate calculations of Taxes deducted at source -  a key responsibility of every employer.

The product also supports a workflow to allow HR to verify the employee declarations. Paid version of Empxtrack supports new and old income tax regimes.

Declare Investments

Setup Investment Declarations

Note: Empxtrack Free Payroll and HR software only allows HR to edit or modify declaration information.

All versions of Empxtrack support ESIC and PF deductions.

ESIC Deduction Rule: If an employer has more than 10 employees, the company must deduct ESIC from their employees’ salary based on the ESIC salary rules explained below. Deduction of ESIC is not mandatory for an employer with less than 10 employees.

Exception - Employers in Chandigarh and Maharashtra should have a minimum count of 20 employees instead of 10.

An employee having a monthly gross salary greater than and equal to Rs 21,000 is  eligible for ESIC. Ideally, the ESIC deduction from employee salary is made on this formula Gross salary x 0.75/ 100. Employer contribution is Gross x 3.25/ 100.

PF Deduction Rule: If an employer has more than 10 employees, the company must deduct PF from their employees’ salary. Employee and employer contribution for provident fund is 12% of wages.

You can configure Company information to enable / disable PF and ESIC. Furthermore, Payroll >> employee preferences allows you to override ESIC and PF rules for individual employees.

Employee profile data contains a section called documents and Ids. A number of predefined ids such as bank account, PAN no, PF No, UAN No etc are available and you can specify details against these for each employee.

This data should be setup prior to running the payroll since these IDs are used in statutory reports and bank reports.

You can specify company bank account(s) details and for each employee specify IFSC code, account number and linked company bank account. This will allow you to generate bank reports for each company account and allow electronic transfers.

Learn more about setting employee’s bank information

Employee management

The HR manager can add a new employee in Empxtrack by filling in employee’s personal and employment details and filling in the mandatory fields. Add employee details in the specified format to avoid errors.

Empxtrack allows upload of employee information and also supports and API for adding employees. Please refer to empxtrack purchase information within the product to learn more about advanced features in the Empxtrack paid edition.

Learn more about adding an employee

Employees, HR and other roles can view and update employee data based on role permissions and workflows.

To update data, the user needs to access the Employee data profile. Please view the link below to view details.

You can update the photograph, employment details, work experience, documents, address, dependent information and many other aspects of employee data on the Employee data page.

Learn more about changing employee data

Paid version of empxtrack supports configurable rules and field level permissions for visibility and edit rights and also options for mass update of data, update through spreadsheets etc.

Employee data refers to the personal data of employees and includes details such as dependents, address, experience, hobbies and languages known, documents and IDs and many other details which typically should be accessed (and updated) by the employee or HR.

We maintain full audit-trail of all changes to employee data.

Career profile contains details of all transactions related to employees such as Leave, Manager notes, Promotions and Salary changes, Timesheets, Appraisals, Goalsheets, Trainings, Rewards, Disciplinary cases, Manager notes and so on.

Career profile of an employee is available to various roles related to the employee such as their Managers, Head of department, Management and HR.

Empxtrack paid versions allow granular configurability in terms of visibility and access rights for each area of employee data and career profile.

You can click on the Employee menu and view either of the two data options and switch between the two by clicking on the menu.


If an employee has quit, HR can mark the employee exited and specify the exit date. Exited employees are not included in reports, payroll processing and cannot login to the system.

Advanced versions of empxtrack support Exit module that allows clearance and Full and Final process.

To view details of an exited employee, select “Exited employees” choice in the drop-down next to the employee search box. Type the employee name and select the exited employee details.

Learn more about employee exit

If any employee likes to rejoin the organization after the separation, the HR manager doesn’t need to re-enter all his /her details in the application. The HR manager simply needs to access their profile and update the employment status to current.

If you have purchased Exit module, there is a complete process to rejoin the exited employee to ensure data is copied over correctly.

Learn more about employee rejoining

Empxtrack allows the HR and Managers to run, configure and download 100s of pre-configured reports.

Reports are available based on the modules purchased by you and for each module there may be one or more reports available. Look at the bottom of any page to view the report section.

Some important considerations

  • The data that is available in a report is based on  the selected role. For instance a Manager will have access to a fewer number of employees in comparison to the Head of the department. An employee may have both these roles and based on the role selected, the data will change.
  • An employee can have multiple roles. Refer to Empxtrack Navigation structure to understand how you can change a role.
  • Employee field visibility rules may also be dependent on roles
  • Reports may contain parameters. Specifying  these helps identify the correct data

We restrict the amount of data displayed or downloaded in one submit. You may need to apply filters to get the full data.

Empxtrack allows a directory view of employee data that displays all the employees in the organization with relevant details including their hierarchy. Employees can quickly search for their fellow employees by specifying their name in the search box.

Configuration of company directory is supported only in the Empxtrack paid version.

Learn more about company directory


Empxtrack supports multiple mechanisms to capture attendance and some of these are available in advanced versions only. The different options include

  • Mark attendance, regularize attendance: Employees can mark their attendance daily by logging into empxtrack and capturing their start time and end time. Employees can regularize their attendance for a past day as well. Available in all versions of empxtrack. HR can also mark attendance for employees on a daily basis
  • Upload of attendance data through CSV files: Available in paid version
  • Integration with attendance devices: Automatic reading of attendance device input and integration. Paid version of Empxtrack supports integration. We support data from multiple devices
  • API based integration: Enterprise version of empxtrack

Based on the attendance rules, holiday calendar, employee leave details, the attendance data translates to different kinds of statuses such as Present, Overtime, MisPunch, Undertime, Holiday, Leave and this is used in payroll processing.

Paid version of empxtrack supports significant customization and configuration options in comparison to the Empxtrack Free Trial version.


Empxtrack allows you to set up a holiday calendar and weekends for a given financial year.

View the Self Services settings as HR Manager and select Set Weekends and Holiday calendar option. You can import pre-existing holidays for a region or set your own days.

On the attendance dashboard for an employee, you can mark a day as a holiday if the day is reserved as a holiday on the holiday calendar.

It is important to define holidays for a period prior to employees applying for leave or marking attendance since holidays are automatically copied over to the employee attendance.

set up holiday calendar and configure weekends

Note: Advanced version of empxtrack allows holidays and weekends based on employee groups.

Employees can mark their own attendance or HR can mark their attendance. HR can go to the attendance dashboard for an employee and for a specific date Clear attendance, Mark holiday, Mark weekend, regularize attendance.

Based on the version of empxtrack you are using, there are many other options for marking attendance including API integration, attendance device integration and CSV file upload.

The undertime calculation rules functionality available in Settings >> Self Services >> Attendance configuration allows HR to map the attendance hours to percentage of day worked. Eg. 0 - 3 hours can be marked as 0 percent day worked, 3 - 5 hours can mark the employee day worked as 50 percent (or 0.5 day).

If an employee works for 4 hours in a day and applies for half-day leave, they will be paid for the full day. If they do not apply for leave, the day worked will be 0.5 days and they will be paid for half a day.

The Free Payroll uses days worked as a mechanism to calculate the effective salary of an employee.This helps in identification of half day, full day overtime and undertime work by the employee and helps in payroll preparation accordingly.

For mid period joinings and exits, the system automatically excludes the days prior to the joining date or the days after the exit date respectively.

The HR manager prior to processing the payroll can update attendance to accurately reflect the days worked.

Learn more about undertime calculation rules


Most organizations give a certain number of days to each employee for which they are paid even when they do not attend office. Such days are called Paid leave days.

Empxtrack allows employees to apply for leave and post approval, such days are counted as paid days.

Empxtrack Free Payroll allows 3 types of leave. By default, they are labelled as Sick leave, Paid time off and Casual leave. The leave labels are editable. HR can manually credit leave to employees or change the rules for these leave types.

Paid version of empxtrack allows many different configuration options and additional leave types.

Learn More about Leave Module 


HR managers can credit leave days to employees for different leave types. The leave days can be credited on monthly, quarterly, yearly basis i.e in the beginning of the month, quarter or year as per the policy of the organization.

HR managers can manually credit leave days to the employees or upload the leave credits. Schedulers are available to auto-credit leave to employees. Employees can avail Work from Home and Compensatory Off leave types.

Note: Upload leave credits, scheduler functionality and custom credit rules are available in the paid edition of the application.

Credit Leave to Employees Manually

Upload Leave Credits

Sometimes change in the leave policy of the organization for different leave types may lead the HR manager to make changes in respective leave rules. The “Configure leave rules” functionality is available to meet this purpose.

Note: Configure leave rules functionality is available in the paid edition of the application.

Configure Leave Rules

  • Employee

    Employees can raise leave requests for leave types applicable to them. Based on rules, employees can apply for a leave type based on the availability of leave balance.

    Leave application undergoes a pre-defined approval process, wherein the supervisor/ manager or HR manager approves the leave request. The leave approval process is defined in the configuration of each leave type.

    Manager/ HR gives leave approval based on the availability. Once the leave is finalized by the HR manager attendance gets updated and the employee is eligible for a paid day on the day of the leave.

    Learn More about Apply for Leave

  • HR Manager

    An HR or even the Manager can apply for leave on behalf of an employee. Usually, this is a practice when the employees are not computer savvy or do not have access to computers.

    Sometimes, HR also has to exercise this option if someone reports sick and asks for  a leave by calling the HR manager.

Empxtrack Free Payroll version only allow two leave types with no configuration options.

You can upgrade to the paid edition of the product to allow additional leave types or multiple configuration options.

  • Employees cannot apply for leave for a period for which payroll processing has started
  • HR cannot apply for leave for an employee whose payroll calculation have been done
  • Payroll processing cannot start if an employee has pending leave requests.

Based on leave configurations, leave applications may depend on minimum and maximum days, leave balance etc.

Identify the leave balance for employees by running leave credit report. Go to manually credit leave and enter a negative value of the leave balance for each employee.

Example: If an employee has 10 days of leave credit, enter -10 for leave credit to make the balance 0

Empxtrack supports work from home and compensatory off leave types to map your company needs.

360 Review

  • Configure your questions or form attributes. You can setup your own questions or use a pre-defined list of 10 attributes
  • Configure the rating scale
  • Setup 360 review for upto 2 employees with 10 reviewers (1 self review, 3 senior, 3 peers, 3 juniors)
  • View dashboard of progress
  • View and download 360 reports with average ratings for each group, comparison of self vs others, hidden strengths and blind spots
Note: You can conduct upto 2 free reviews post which you will have to purchase additional reviews.Learn more about Empxtrack 360 Review 
Post enrollment, you will receive login credentials. Once you login to Empxtrack 360 application, complete the 5 initial steps to set up the Application in a few mins:
  • Update the password - Setup new password and time zone as per company location.
  • Setup company information - Upload company logo to personalise the application.
  • Upload employee data - Add employees one-by-one or upload data using a spreadsheet.
  • Setup feedback plan - Configure the form to allow ratings and comments for attributes.
  • Initiate feedback - Select reviewers for the feedback and initiate the process.
Empxtrack allows an HR manager to carry out 360 feedback for employees in few steps.

The process starts with setting up of application, list creation and then initiation of feedback process. The system automatically sends email to each reviewer (including the person whose review is initiated) suggesting them to complete the review. The email contains a welcome message and the users login details.Through a dashboard, the HR manager can view the status of the 360 feedback review.
Once the feedback is completed (i.e all reviewers have submitted), the 360 feedback can be finalized and viewed by the HR manager as a summary report. View and download 360 reports with average ratings for each group, comparison of self vs others, hidden strengths and blind spots.
Empxtrack allows the HR manager to edit individual reviews and modify the list of reviewers even when the feedback is initiated.
Yes, you can access Online help to get detailed instructions on how to use Empxtrack free 360 review. Watch the video or refer to the product.
Once you have uploaded employee data, you will be allowed to select reviewers by clicking Setup a 360 feedback button under Initiate Feedback tab. Empxtrack allows inclusion of external reviewers in the 360 review advanced version.
Empxtrack provides list creation to include seniors, peers and subordinates as reviewers.You can setup 360 review for upto 2 employees with 10 reviewers (1 self review, 3 senior, 3 peers, 3 juniors)
Employees are allowed to fill their self review. By default, the reviewee (the employee being reviewed) is already considered as one of the participants involved in the feedback process.Once the feedback plan is initiated, a notification is sent to the employee to fill their self review.
Yes, you can add new attributes. During initial setup of the application, click on the Setup Plan tab to view the predefined attributes. In the Selected Attributes section, click the Add new attribute button, fill details and save them. The new attributes will show on the list of Selected attributes.
Empxtrack provides comprehensive reports and dashboards with average ratings for each group, comparison of self vs others, identifying hidden strengths and blind spots. This allows you to understand how your performance is viewed from a variety of perspectives.
  • Feedback summary report - displays average rating and overall scores of all reviewers. Download the summary report, if required
  • Review report - shows individual ratings provided by reviewers against each competency
  • Radar chart - displays scoring for all competencies in a graphical representation. It can be used to spot gaps between respondent groups
  • Feedback status dashboard - shows the progress with the number of feedbacks that are initiated, started, completed and ongoing.
HR is allowed to manage reviewers once the 360 review is initiated. Click Manage Reviewers button to remove an existing reviewer, add a new reviewer in the list of participants or change the status of 360 review.
Yes, Empxtrack allows you to add questions as per your choice. While configuring the feedback form, you can click the Add new attribute button in the Selected attributes section and write your question in the Attributes title. Once the feedback is initiated, the reviewers will be able to see the questions in the feedback form.
When you configure the feedback form with new attributes or questions, it will not impact the employees whose feedback is already initiated.The new questions would only show in the forms of the employees whose feedback gets initiated after the change of the questions.
Empxtrack allows a reviewee to view only the names of the reviewers, but not the feedback. The reviewee cannot see feedback comments and ratings given by the reviewers, thus maintaining the anonymity of the 360 feedback process.
Empxtrack allows setting up of employee data in two ways -
  • Add one by one - Enter basic details of one employee at a time and create an employee profile. Add employee details in the specified format to avoid errors.
  • Upload employee data using CSV file in one go - Download CSV file format, fill details of multiple employees in the same format (to avoid errors) and upload it in the system.
You can share your queries and experience with us at [email protected]. We would be happy to help you and get back to you within one business day.
An email goes to each reviewer (including the person whose review is initiated). The email contains a welcome message and the users login details. You will be able to edit this email message once you complete the setup.
Yes, Empxtrack provides advanced 360 Feedback with configurable plans, option to include external participants, configurable reports, workflows and flexibility to configure list creation while selecting reviewers.
Once you complete the application setup, you would be able to configure email templates by following the path: On the Home page, click Product Configurations tab and click Employee Communication in the Employee Management section.Send email to employees page appears. For the Select template field, select the option as None. Write a customized message in the Email Text Message field, and click Send.Note: Empxtrack has pre-configured email templates too.
Empxtrack allows users to upload their company logo to personalize the application.
Empxtrack offers a comprehensive list of paid products for the customers. You can either choose to buy additional licenses to conduct feedback for more than 2 employees or upgrade to the advanced versions to get advanced features (such as multiple forms, list creation, etc.).Besides, Empxtrack allows you to purchase additional products such as Employee portal and HRIS, Exit management, Appraisal and more.