Initiate Exit Process

Employee exit can be initiated manually by Employee, Manager and HR manager.

  1. To initiate Exit as Employee, you need to log in as Employee and

Go to My Profile << My career Profile, click on sandwich on theĀ  top right followed by initiate exit

On capture resignation page capture Type of Exit, Reason, Resignation date, Last working date and click on Apply button to submit exit request to the HR manager.

2. To initiate Exit of the team member, Log in as Manager and Click on Manage << My team followed by initiate exit

or Click on Manage tab << Manage Employee Exit under manager servicesOn Manage exit page click on initiate exit button and select the employee to exitOn Capture resignation page capture type, reason and date of exit, rehire eligibility, and exit interviewer name and click on Apply button to submit the request to the HR manager

3. HR Manager can also initiate Exit for the employee.

To initiate exit login as HR manager and click on Manage<< Manage Employee exit (Under HR manager services)

On Manage Employee Exit page click on Initiate Exit button

Select Employee name on next screen

Capture Resignation Type, Reason, date, last working day, rehire eligibility and exit interviewer name and click on Apply button to submit request