Exit Management

Empxtrack Exit Management module allows HR managers to manage the separation of employees from the organization in cleanly and effective manner. It helps the HR managers to manage exit process of both categories of  employees who have resigned and those that have been terminated by the company.

HR manager’s can capture the type of separation, Reason for separation, can ensure that access privileges are revoked when a person leaves, and may also cover other issues such as the recovery of equipment, keys and credit cards to ensure that security integrity is maintained. The module helps HR managers in getting clearances from  all the departments within the organization, initiating the completion of full and final settlements and initiating the exit interview and finalizing the employee’s exit.

The Exit Management module is fully customizable according to your company’s requirements. The exit management module allows you to:

  1. Initiate Exit Process
  2. Accept Exit Request
  3. Manage Employee Exit
  4. Send Items for Clearance
  5. Move to Full and Final
  6. Configure Exit type and reason