Ensure Employees Read and Accept Company Policy Documents

A company policy is a set of rules that employers create to set formal expectations and standards for their employees. It covers various aspects such as employee health and safety, accountability, best practices, and processes within the company.

Organizations often upload company policy documents on the employee portal, but they go unnoticed.

In Empxtrack, you can ensure that newly added or updated company policy documents are read and accepted by all the employees. 

Let’s see how easily you can ensure this.

Once you are logged into the Empxtrack application as HR, click on Product Configurations and go to Quick links and Documents.

Select the checkbox labeled as “Check to force users to accept new policy documents” and then add the new company policy documents or update the existing ones.


Acceptance of company policy documents


When employees login to the application, a Policy Documents page opens up making it mandatory for employees to read and accept all the recently added or updated documents and policies.

Employees can access the application once they accept all policy documents.


Acceptance of company policy documents

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