Fill Onboarding Experience Details Form

The Experience Details form allows you to provide your previous company’s experience.

To fill the Experience Details form, you need to:

  1. Log into the system as an onboarding candidate using the URL sent to you through mail.
  2. Click on the Experience Details form, as shown in Figure 1.The form does not display any details the first time. However, it allows you to add rows to fill your past experience details, as required.
  3. Click Add Experience button.onboarding-fill-forms10Figure 1

    The Experience Details > Add page appears, as shown in Figure 2. The page allows you to add your previous company’s experience.

  4. Provide your previous company’s name in the Company Name field and the duration of work in that company in the From and To calendar controls of Duration field.
  5. Provide your previous company’s manager’s name, designation and the total salary in the Manager Name, Designation and the Total Sal fields respectively.
  6. Provide your special contributions (if any) in that company and the reason for the job change in the Specific Contributions and the Reason for Change fields, respectively.
  7. Attach your experience certificate ( if required) by clicking on the Choose File button and then selecting the file from your computer in the Attach document field.
  8. Click Save.onboarding-fill-forms11 Figure 2

    The experience details are successfully saved and a message suggesting the same appears, as shown in Figure 3.

    You can now add more experience details by clicking on the Add Experience button again and modify the existing details by clicking on the corresponding Modify icon for an experience row.

    onboarding-fill-forms12Figure 3


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