Fill Onboarding Beneficiary Information Form

The Beneficiary InformTion form allows you to provide your beneficiary details in case of death.

To fill the Beneficiary Information form, you need to:

  1. Log into the system as an onboarding candidate using the URL sent to you through mail.
  2. Click on the¬†Beneficiary Information form, as shown in Figure 1.The form displays your dependent’s information by default and allows you to add more beneficiaries maximum upto 3 beneficiaries.
  3. Provide the name, date of birth, gender and relation of your beneficiary in the Name, Date of Birth, Gender and Relation columns.
  4. Provide the percentage of benefit you want to provide to each beneficiary in the %Benefits column.
  5. Click Save


    Figure 1

    Your beneficiary details are successfully saved and a message suggesting the same appears.



Click on the following links to know how to fill each of these forms:


The Onboarding module allows you to: