Create Onboarding Request

The Onboarding Manager can create the onboarding requests for the new candidates joining the company. Later the candidates use the URL generated by the system for them to log into the system and fill their details.

 To create an Onboarding request, you need to:

  1. Log in as an Onboarding Manager/ HR Manager.
  2. Go to Manage >> Onboarding.The Onboarding page appears, as shown in Figure 1
  3. Click Create onboarding request button to create a new onboarding request. 


    Figure 1

    The Onboarding page displays the onboarding candidate’s details form, as shown in Figure 2.

  4. Provide the First Name, Middle Name, and the Last Name of the candidate for whom you are creating the onboarding request in the Candidate Name fields.
  5. Provide the email id of the candidate in the User Name field and the date of birth or the mobile number of the candidate in the Password field.A URL is generated and sent to the candidate. The candidate can log into the Empxtrack Onboarding system through the URL and fill his/her personal details.
  6. Click Create.onboarding-create-request2

     Figure 2

    The onboarding request is successfully created for the employee and a message suggesting the same apperas, as shown in Figure 3.


     Figure 3

    The onboarding candidate can log into the system through the URL provided to him/her, as shown in Figure 4.



    Figure 4



The Onboarding module allows you to: