Complete Onboarding Process

As soon as the onboarding form is submitted by the candidate, the HR manager can complete the onboarding process by filling any missing information and then submitting the Candidate’s details to HRIS and generating the employee code for the candidate.

To complete the onboarding process, you need to:

1.  Log in as the HR Manager.

2.  Click on the View button of the onboarding message that appears in the My HR>> Activities list >> Received tab  when the candidate submits the onboarding form after filling it.


 Figure 1

The Onboarding form of the candidate appears. You can click on the different tabs on the form to view the details that employee has filled.

3.  Fill the missing information on the different subforms of the Onboarding form, if required.


Figure 2

4.  Go to Submit tab.

5.  Click Move to HRIS button to submit the candidate’s details to the HRIS database, as shown in Figure 3.



 Figure 3

6.  Click ok on the confirmation message that appears, as shown in Figure 4.


 Figure 4

The candidate’s record is successfully moved to HRIS and a message suggesting the same appears with the Employee code of the candidate, as shown in Figure 5.

The page displays the other details also such as username and password of the employee that the employee can use to log into the Empxtrack system.



 Figure 5



The Onboarding module allows you to: