Add New Recruitment Request

Empxtrack applicant tracking system allows manager and HR to create a new job vacancy for internal and external candidates. This help page demonstrates steps to create requisition to fill a vacant job role in the company.

To create a new requirement, you need to:

  1. Log into to the system as a Manager or HR manager.
  2. Go to Excel tab. In the Recruitment section, click Create requisition link as shown in Figure 1. For a manager role, Create requisition link is given in Job positions section.


Figure 1

    1. The

Create new request

    page appears as shown in Figure 2.

  1. Select the type of job request you are creating Request Type dropdown. The available options are:
    • New: Select this option if you are creating this request for new job positions for the expansion of the company.
    • Replacement: Select this option, if you are creating this request for the replacement of exited employees.
  2. Select the type of job for which you are creating a requirement from Job Description dropdown.
  3. Provide a unique job code for the job in the Job Code field.
  4. Specify the number of candidates required for the job from the No of candidates required field.
  5. Select the date by which the position needs to be filled from the Closing Date calendar control.
  6. Select the checkbox named as Check this box if you want internal candidates to apply if employees within the company can apply for the open job vacancy.
  7. Select Check this box if you want to allow external candidates to apply checkbox if you want to allow external candidates to apply for the job.

 Figure 2

    1. Specify any special skills required for the job position in the Specify Details of the Requirement. This will be used by HR field.
    2. Click Add a note link if you want to provide additional comments or remarks.
    3. Click the Create button. The job vacancy is successfully created and a message suggesting the same appears on the same page.


If the job is created by HR Manager, it may not need approval and can directly be published for internal/ external candidates. The job vacancy shows after approval when it’s created by the Manager.

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