Applicant Tracking

The Applicant Tracking System allows you to manage recruitment in your organization. The module follows the following workflow:

  1. The HR Manager/  manager  creates a job requirement if there is a need of hiring in his/her team. The job created by Manager needs to be approved by the HR Manager.
  2. The HR Manager  adds a recruitment agency to take the help of recruitment agencies in hiring.
  3. The HR Manager publishes the job for internal and/ or external candidates.
    Candidates apply for the job.
  4. The HR Manager  collects resumes for the job vacancy by internal as well as external candidates and shortlist the resumes.
  5. HR Manager assigns an interviewer and test coordinator to the shortlisted candidates.
  6. The interviewer interviews the candidates and test coordinator conducts tests and fills in the scores for each  candidate that has appeared for the test and/ or interview and submits feedback to the HR Manager.
  7. The HR Manager views the scores and finalizes some candidates and performs their reference check.
  8. The recruiter makes a job offer to the finalized candidates.