Setup Performance Appraisal Timelines and Notifications

HR manger can set appraisal timeline and configure notifications for an appraisal plan. The appraisal timeline allows you to define the appraisal validity period. For example, if you have two appraisals in your company half-yearly and annual performance appraisal, then you can create two appraisals, one from January to July and other from January to December.

Set automated reminders to initiate the appraisal two-three days before the date of appraisal.

To setup performance appraisal timelines and notifications, you need to:

  1. Log into the system as an HR Manager or Administrator.
  2. Go to Settings >>Performance Management >>Appraisal.
    The Performance Plans page appears, as shown in Figure 1.

    Figure 1

    The page displays the already existing appraisal plans in the system.

  3. Click the corresponding Edit button for the Performance Plan that you want to modify to configure its timelines and notifications. The Configure an Appraisal Plan page appears with Plan Introduction tab opened by default, as shown in Figure 2.

    Figure 2

    The page displays the plan details that need to be configured.

  4. Click Time & Notifications tab. A page appears as shown in Figure 3.

    Figure 3

  5. Select the type of the plan from Type field. The options available are Annual, Half yearly, Quarterly, and Monthly.
  6. Select the plan start date and end date from the From and To calendar controls respectively of Plan Start field.
  7. Select the initiation option for the workflow from Can be initiated by field. The available options are:
    • Auto Initiated: Select this option if you want the appraisal to be initiated on the start date mentioned for the approval.
    • Select initiators and associated workflows: Select this option if you want to select appraisal initiators and workflows depending upon the role.
    • a) If you select Auto option in Can be initiated by field, define relationship of the employees involved in the workflow. Appraisal Start Notification field appears below workflow dropdown as shown in Figure 4.Specify the number of days before which you want to be reminded about initiating the appraisal in the Appraisal start notification field.

      Figure 4

    • b) In Select initiators and associated workflows option, the Notifications on workflow movement section appears on the page as soon as you select a workflow (as shown in Figure 5).

      Figure 5

    • c) Select the workflow that you want to use for the appraisal from the Workflow dropdown. The available Workflow options are:
      • Employee to HR: Allows employees to fill the appraisal and directly send to HR for final rating and sign off.
      • Employee to Manager to HR: Allows employees to fill the appraisal, send it to manager for his/ her comments and then send to HR for final rating and sign off.
      • Manager to HR: Allows Managers to fill the appraisal of subordinates and directly send it to HR for final rating and sign off.
      • Employee to Manager: Allows employees to fill the appraisal and directly send it to Manager for final rating and sign off.
        More options for appraisal workflow can be customized depending upon the requirements of the organization.

    You can now configure the notifications/ reminder for all the stakeholders involved in the workflow at each stage.

  8. Select frequency of reminders in days in Send Reminder every _days field for the creator of the appraisal from Step 1 Submitter section.
  9. Select the number of reminders in the Auto move to next step after _reminders field after which you want to move on to the next stage of the workflow. For example, if you want to remind Employees (submitter) to fill the appraisal form after every three days till three reminders before automatically moving on to the next actor in the workflow then you can set 3 in Send Reminder every _days and set 3 in Auto move to next step after _reminders fields. Similarly, set the reminders and the auto move on to next step frequencies for the Approver and the Verifier, if required.
  10. Click Save to save your settings and then click Next to set Forms and Settings.

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