Select Performance Appraisal Forms and Assign Weights

HR manager or Admin can select and customize the appraisal forms, assign weight and select an appropriate rating scale.

To select forms and assign weights to the forms, you need to:

  1. Setup Performance Appraisal Timelines and Notifications.
  2. Click Form & Settings tab. This tab allows you to select forms, assign weight to them, and set rating scales for the forms, as shown in Figure 1.

    Figure 1

    You can modify the names for each form. By default, each form has multiple versions. The multiple versions of the same forms allow you to have many appraisal forms with the same name for the employees in different departments having different competencies and goals. For example, the competencies of Sales department are different from the competencies of Development department. In such a scenario, you can create two competency forms with same name but different versions for different departments.

  3. You will find few appraisal forms by default or click Add New Form button to create new form(s), if you don’t find the required forms. To know how to create new forms, click Create New Performance Appraisal Form.
  4. Click on Edit button to make changes to the corresponding form.
  5. Modify the name of the form in Form Title field, if required.
  6. In RATINGS AND COMMENT OPTIONS section, assign weight to the appraisal form in Specify form weight field (as shown in Figure 2).

    Figure 2

    Note: (a) The total weight of the forms should be 100. The weight allows you to specify the relative importance of the form in comparison to other forms. To keep the total weight as 100, you need to specify the weight of each form in such a way that the top priority form has higher weight.For example: As a common practice, the leadership has more weightage for competency forms and less for goal sheet form, whereas it is vice versa for junior employees. For the leadership or senior executives, you may need to give more weightage to the competencies form and less weightage to the goal sheet form, while making the total weight as 100.
    (b) The final score of an employee is calculated on the basis of the form weight in addition to the employee’s score on each parameter on the form.

  7. Choose As per rating scale assigned to form option and select a form for which you need to specify/ modify a rating scale (as shown in Figure 3).

    Figure 3

    Select the rating scale for each form on which rating needs to be given to employees. The page also allows you to create a new rating scale, if you don’t find an appropriate rating scale for a form.

  8. Click Manage Rating link to create a new Rating Scale. To know how to create a new rating scale, click Create a new Rating Scale.
  9. Select Competencies are predefined for the plan option and add/ delete/ modify/ reorder and assign weights for the existing attributes. You can also click on Create an attribute to add more attributes (if required).
  10. Click Save, and then click Cancel.
  11. On the Forms & settings page, you can edit and delete the specific forms and modify the order of appearance of the forms (as shown in Figure 1). Click Remove icon under Actions column to delete the form. Click Edit button under Actions column to modify the form.To know how to modify the form, click Modify the Appraisal Forms.

    Click up and down arrows to reorder the sequence of their appearance. The settings are saved automatically as soon as you reorder the forms.

    You can now continue with setting Visibility Rules for the appraisal plan.

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