Manager Appraisal Dashboard

The Manager Appraisal Dashboard allows a manager to view the appraisal status of team members graphically. The graphical representation of Appraisal status, Appraisal Bell Curve, and Appraisal score distribution reports.

To access appraisal dashboard, you need to:

1. Log in as a Manager.

2. Go to Measure >> Performance Appraisals

3. Appraisal dashboards appears.

The Appraisal status dashboard displays the percentage of appraisals not Initiated as yet, percentage of appraisals submitted to manager and HR manager, and percentage of appraisals accepted.

The Appraisal score distribution dashboard displays the percentages of scores that were given to team members.

The Appraisal Bell Curve dashboard displays the difference between company’s expectation and the actual score curves of the team members in the company, as shown in Figure 1.


 Figure 1

The Performance potential of your team graph allows you to compare two performance appraisal forms against their rating scale for all the employees on a single graph. For example, you can view the performance of both Goals and Competencies for all the team members on a single graph, as shown in Figure 2.

4.  Click on a number in the graph to view the list of employees that fall in that block.


 Figure 2

A new window displaying details of the employees that fall in that block appears, as shown in Figure 3.


 Figure 3

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