Evaluate Multiple Team Members

You need to evaluate and rate your team members once their appraisals are submitted to you. Evaluating multiple team members allow you to compare the performance of team members on the same parameters.

To evaluate multiple team members, you need to:

1.  Log in as a Manager

2.  Go to Manage >>Performance Management >>Team Appraisal.

The Appraisal for my team members page appears, as shown in Figure 1.

3.  Filter the records if desired.

4.  Select the team members whom you want to evaluate.

5.  Click Evaluate.


Figure 1

The Appraisal for my team members page displaying a list of appraisal forms with first form selected appears. Notice the arrow near the employee name, as shown in Figure 2.

6.  Click on the arrow to view the same form of the next selected employee.


Figure 2

The same form for the next employee appears. The left pointing arrow appears on the form of the last employee, as shown in Figure 3.


Figure 3

7.  Click on the form on which you want to rate and evaluate the team members.

The selected form appears, as shown in Figure 4.

The first section of the form displays Mode field. The two available modes are:

  • All attributes for one employee: This mode is selected by default for a form and allows you to view the complete form for the selected employee. You can view the same form for other employees by clicking on right or left arrows as desired.
  • One attribute for all employees: This mode allows you to view each parameter on the form for all the employees. This mode allows you to compare the employees performance on each parameter on a form.


The ‘One attribute for all employees mode’ is available only for forms that have different attributes on which the employee can be rated such as Goals, Competencies and Self Appraisal . For forms such as Introduction, Relative Grading and Submit form the ‘One attribute for all employees’ mode is not available. On such forms the mode automatically changes to ‘All attributes for one employee‘.

8.  Select One attribute for all employees mode.

The first attribute of all the selected team members appear on the page, as shown in Figure 4.

The form displays the team member’s comments and ratings on each parameter against the name of the employee on the page.

9.  Select your rating and provide your comments on each parameter under Manager field for each parameter for all the employees.

10.  Click on the next parameter of the form appearing on the left section of the page to rate all the employees on the next parameter of the form.


Figure 4

11.  Rate the employees on all the parameters on the form and then click Save All.

The form is successfully submitted and a message suggesting the same appears, as shown in Figure 5


Figure 5

12.  Evaluate the team member on all the forms and then click on Relative Grading form tab.

13.  Select the relative grade for the team member from the  Relative Grade dropdown on the Relative Grading page.

14.  Provide your comments on the relative grade that you have selected in the Please provide comment on the relative rank field and then click Save.

15.  Click on Right Arrow to view the next team member.

16.  Click My Team – Relative Grades link to view the grades that you have given to other team members.

17.  Click Score form, as shown in Figure 6.

The Score form appears with Individual view subtab selected.

The page displays the automatically calculated scores on the goals and competency forms for the team member.

18.  Provide your comment in the Manager Comment field.


Figure 6

Alternatively, you can click on Multiple view subtab

The goals and competency ratings appear in grid view, as shown in Figure 7.

You can now provide comments for all the team members in their respective Manager fields.


Figure 7

19.  Click on Submit form and then select the overall rating on the appraisal from Overall Rating by Manager dropdown, as shown in Figure 8.

20. Click right arrow to view the next team member and provide overall rating for the team member.

21.  Click Submit.


Figure 8

The form is successfully submitted to the next actor in the workflow defined for the appraisal.