Configure Performance Potential Settings

The Performance Potential Chart compares two performance appraisal forms against their rating scale for all the employees on a single graph. For example, HR manager or Administrator can view the performance of both Goals and Competencies for an employee on a single graph.

To configure performance potential settings graph, you need to:

  1. Log into the system as HR Manager or Administrator.
  2. Go to Settings >>Performance Management >> Performance Potential link.The Performance Potential page appears, as shown in Figure 1.

    Figure 1

  3. By default, the checkbox with Enable performance potential graph option is checked. If it is not done, please select the checkbox.
  4. Select the Form type that you want to display on the X-axis from the X-axis dropdown and then select the form that you want to select on the Y-axis form from the Y-axis dropdown.
  5. Select the rating scales used on the selected forms from their corresponding forms from the Rating dropdown.
  6. Click Manage rating skill for X-axis link to manage the rating scale values of X-axis for the graph.The Rating Skill for Potential Graph window appears, as shown in Figure 2.The window displays the selected rating scale values (Goalsheet in this example) with their lowest and highest range.


     Figure 2

  7. Modify the highest and lowest range values in the Low and High columns for each rating scale value, if required.
  8. Click Save. The values you have provided for X-axis of the graph are successfully saved.
  9. Click Manage rating skill for Y-axis link to manage the rating scale values of Y-axis for the graph and then modify the graph values in the Rating skill for Potential Graph window that appears.rating_skill_for_potential_graph_2

    Figure 3

  10. Click Save.

    The settings for the graph are successfully saved and a message suggesting the same appears.

    The Performance Potential Graph can be seen by

    1. Log in as an HR Manager
    2. Click Measure >> Performance Appraisals >> Manage Selected Plan
      The performance potential graph of your team members appears on the View performance appraisals for your team members page, as shown in Figure 4.


    Figure 4

    The graph displays the rating scales for X-axis and Y-axis and the number of employees that fall under those rating scale values.

    You can click on the numbers appearing in the graph to see the details of the employees that fall in those values. For instance, if you click 2 with column header as Exceeded beyond expectations and row header as High Level Proficiency.

    The details of the employees appear in a new window as shown in Figure 5.


    Figure 5

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