Performance Appraisal

This topic provides a brief description of Employee Performance Appraisal module. It describes how this Appraisal module works and what all tasks can be done with it.

Empxtrack Performance Appraisal module is a cloud-based solution that streamlines appraisal process. This employee performance appraisal platform enables employees, managers, reviewers, HR Managers, Heads of Departments, and CEO to conduct appraisals accurately, effectively and in a timely manner. It also increases employee satisfaction level by ensuring objectivity and transparency in the appraisal process.

Empxtrack performance appraisal module provides various pre-configured templates that allow you to start appraisal process immediately. The pre-configured templates include templates for Competency and Skill Rating, Goals, Self-Appraisal, Manager feedback, Development Planning, Final Score calculations, 360 Feedback and more.

The cloud-based employee performance appraisal module consists of an email reminder mechanism to prompt employees and managers to take actions on appraisals as and when required, ensuring on-time completion of employee performance appraisals.

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With cloud-based Appraisal Module, you can: