Performance Appraisal

This help page provides a brief description about Empxtrack Performance Appraisal module. It describes how this Appraisal module works and what all tasks can be done with it.

Empxtrack Performance Appraisal is a cloud-based solution that automates and streamlines employee performance evaluation with easy-to-use and highly configurable features. This platform enables all stakeholders (including employees, managers, reviewers, HR Managers, Heads of Departments, and CEO) to conduct appraisals accurately, effectively and in a timely manner. This increases employee satisfaction level by ensuring objectivity and transparency in the appraisal process.

Empxtrack provides various pre-configured templates to start appraisal process immediately. The ready-to-use templates include templates for Competency and Skill Rating, Goals, Self-Appraisal, Manager Feedback, Development Planning, Final Score Calculations, 360 Feedback and more.

Empxtrack offers an automatic email reminder mechanism to prompt employees and managers to take actions on appraisals as and when required, ensuring on-time completion of performance appraisals.

Empxtrack supports project based performance appraisals where project goals are set and continuously monitored to identify the progress. The feedback and observations are documented  by multiple stakeholders, including project managers and clients.

With Empxtrack, you can simplify the process of integrating all aspects of employee life cycle and make it available to managers during the employee appraisal. This improves manager effectiveness in the appraisal procedure. If an employee is unable to achieve goals within the estimated timelines, Empxtrack allows HR and the manager to create a Performance Improvement Plan (PIP). A PIP helps in identification of performance issues and involves regular meetings to evaluate employee’s progress.

Self-evaluation is another important aspect that ensures objectivity and transparency in the process. This boosts employee satisfaction level and engagement.

A well-structured appraisal process boosts employee performance through frequent check-ins, continuous constructive feedback and recognition programs.

With the frequent check-ins and regular performance conversations, Empxtrack supports organizations to implement Continuous Performance Management (CPM). This encourages periodic interaction between the employee and the manager allowing course-correction, timely feedback, coaching opportunities and development opportunities based on business needs.

View a presentation and video to understand how Empxtrack Performance Appraisal software works.

With cloud-based Appraisal Module, you can: