Initiate 360 Feedback

The Initiate 360 Feedback functionality allows you to initiate a 360 feedback for all or the selected employees of your company. You can select the appraisal plan to initiate.

To initiate a 360 feedback, you need to:

1.  Log in as HR Manager.

2.  Go to Manage >> Manage Performance

3.  Click Initiate 360 Feedback link.


 Figure 1

The Initiate 360 Feedback Process page appears, as shown in Figure 2.

The page allows you to select the 360 feedback plan that you want to initiate.


 Figure 2

3.  Select the 360 feedback plan that you want to initiate from the Select Plan Name dropdown, as shown in Figure 3.

The related fields displaying the 360 feedback plan details appear.

The Employees applicable field is already populated with a list of global group that was selected in the appraisal plan.


If you have not selected any group in the Applies to dropdown while creating a new plan, the list will be blank.

4. Add more employees to the selected list by specifying the name of the employee in the Enter Name field and the clicking (+) icon or remove employees from the selected list by selecting an employee and clicking (-) icon.

You can use advanced search to select all the employees together or find the names of the employees. To know more about using Advanced Search, click Advanced Search.

5.  Click Initiate.


 Figure 3

The 360 feedback is  initiated for a list of employees appearing in the selected list and the status message for each employee’s feedback initiation in front of each employee’s name appears in the Reason field , as shown in Figure 4.



 Figure 4


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