View Year to Date Details

The Yearly Details section shows the amounts paid to you till date in an year by the company under various heads. By default the current year is selected.

To view year to date details, you need to:

  1. Log into the system as an employee.
  2. Go to My Profile >> My salary details option, as shown in Figure 1.The My salary details page appears.

    By default, the Pay related tab and Pay slips sub tab are selected.

  3. Click Year to date details sub tab under Pay related tab.The page displays the amounts paid to you under various salary heads for each pay period till date in the current year, which is selected by default.
  4. Select the financial year for which you want to see the salary details under various heads for each pay period from Filter by drop down.The year to date salary details for the selected financial period appears.


    Figure 1

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