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Empxtrack maintains record of current and past salary details of employees. An employee can view salary slips for the current and past pay periods whenever required.

To view your pay slip, you need to:

1. Log into the system as an Employee.

2. On the Homepage, click on the Salary records tab. A new page appears where employee can view multiple pay periods, payslips, salary details and payment mode for disbursed salaries.

Figure 1

3. Click View pay slip icon corresponding to any pay period. The pay slip appears as shown in Figure 2.

Figure 2

4. The Pay Slips page appears where you can view pay slips, salary details and payment mode of disbursed salaries. By default, the page displays pay records of the current financial year as shown in Figure 3.

The page displays the total amount credited to your account as salary in Total amount field and the date of credit in Credited on field. It further displays your earnings and deductions in the Credit and Deductions field and payment mode in the Paid via field.

Figure 3

5. Now go to the Data Filter section and change the financial year to view salary details of a previous year.

Figure 4

All the pay periods for the selected FY appears on the page. You can click on the View pay slip icon to view pay slip for the required pay period. You can even download the payslip in PDF format by clicking on Download icon shown adjacent to View pay slip icon.

Figure 5

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