Setup Empxtrack Free Payroll for Your Company

This help page demonstrates step by step instructions to setup Empxtrack Free Payroll and HR software. Post enrollment, you will receive an application setup link and verification code on your registered email id. Login to the application to complete initial setup.

Watch the video for step by step instructions to process payroll for an employee

Setup Company Logo

Upload the company logo as shown in Figure 1. Hover the cursor on the logo to click the Change company logoicon and browse the file from your system. Select an option for the questions and click Continue.Setup-Free Payroll

Figure 1

Note: The default size supported for the logo is 125 x 60 pixels and gif, jpeg and png files formats are supported. The maximum size allowed for the company logo is 1024 kb.

Setup Basic Settings

Change your default password and set a new password and remember it for future reference. The new password would be required when you login to the application next time.

Figure 2

Select the financial period from the dropdown and specify start date of your first pay period using calendar control.

Select the dates when you start payroll processing and finalize the payroll. Click Continue.

Add Employees

In this section, you can add employee data in two ways – Upload mass employee data in one go (using spreadsheet) or Add employees one-by-one.

Figure 3

(A) Upload employee data in one go. Click the Upload employees using spreadsheet link.

The Upload employee data page appears as shown in Figure 4. You can download the file to identify the format in which employee data needs to be uploaded. To know how to open the file in MS Excel, click Open CSV file. Fill the downloaded file with employee data and upload it in the application to map the fields.

Figure 4

Map fields in the Fields Selection Mapping page by clicking Continue button. Make sure all the Empxtrack and User fields have the same format to avoid data discrepancy.

Figure 5

Click the Confirm button after verifying the employee data as shown in Figure 6.

Figure 6

The employee data is uploaded successfully in the application. A confirmation message appears on the screen to indicate successful upload of employee data.

(B) Add a new employee one-by-one by clicking Add an employee button.

Input all the personal and employment details of an employee. Remember to fill in the fields marked with asterisk (*).

You can click on the “+” sign to add new fields for Masters such as Department, Designations etc.

Once the employee record is saved, HR or employee can fill the remaining information in the application. Click Continue.

Figure 7

Select More Products

Along with payroll, you also get employee portal, leave and attendance.

Additionally, you get an option to select more products of your choice. Select the checkbox, add more products for free and build your own HR software.

Figure 8

Your application setup is now complete. You are ready to use Empxtrack Free Payroll and HR software.

Watch the video for step by step instructions to process payroll for an employee

Upgrade to a Paid Edition

Post completion of setup mode, you can view application Homepage. Click on Upgrade button as shown in Figure 9. You can upgrade the application to buy additional employee licenses or start using additional products for free.

Figure 9

Once you setup the application, you may like to configure the payroll settings to meet your company requirements. Watch a short video on how easily you can configure global payroll settings in Empxtrack

Learn how to Process Payroll using Empxtrack. Follow these step wise instructions.

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