Update Payroll Changes / Adjust Payroll

After calculating payroll, if you realize that you need to make some adjustments in the payroll then you can do the adjustments manually.

To update payroll changes, you need to:

  1. Calculate Payroll.
  2. Click the correspondingĀ  icon for an employee to adjust the payroll. Alternatively, you can select the employees whose payroll you want to adjust and click Adjust Multiple Payroll link on the left side of the page, as shown in Figure 1.


    Figure 1

    The payroll details for the selected employees appear on the page, as shown in Figure 2.

    By default, the page displays the data for all types of payroll variables. However, you can click on a variable type tab to deselect that variable type. The data for the deselected variable type is not shown.

  3. Modify the data according to your requirements and click Save all. You can also click save icon at the end of each row for an employee to save the data for that particular employee.


    Figure 2

    The salaries are recalculated according to the changes made and a new salary transaction is added. A message suggesting the same appears, as shown in Figure 3.

  4. Click Cancel.


    Figure 3

    Once the salaries are calculated and adjusted, the next step is to submit the salary for approval. To know more about submitting the salary for approval, click Submit Payroll for Approval.

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