Monthly Sheet Setup / Upload

The Monthly Sheet Setup/ Upload is the first step to calculate salaries for employees or run payroll. The monthly sheet allows you to make changes to the payroll calculation of a pay period that are specific to that month.

The monthly sheet is either automatically imported (Automatically In Payroll option) by the system or can be set or uploaded by the HR Manager (Outside Payroll option) depending on the Monthly Sheet Processing option selected while configuring the payroll module, as shown in Figure 1.

Click Payroll Settings to know more about setting monthly sheet option.


 Figure 1     

If you have selected Automatically in Payroll option from Monthly Sheet Processing field then you will not be able to process the monthly sheet and you will not be able to see the option for the same in the navigation bar..

The Monthly Sheet Setup/ Uploads functionality allows you to create a monthly sheet for the selected pay period by automatically importing all values for the selected / all employee(s) that may include attendance, leave data, loan data, expense data, arrears calculation, and any other values that are expected to change over each payroll period.

Empxtrack automatically imports these values from other modules to help you avoid tedious data entry.

The functionality also allows you to clear monthly sheet in case of some errors or changes and add payments to the system that are paid outside the payroll.

To generate monthly sheet, you need to:

1.  Log into the system as HR Manager / HR Admin.
2.  Go to Manage >> Manage Payroll >> Manage Monthly Sheet option, as shown in Figure 3.
The  Manage Monthly Sheet page appears, as shown in Figure 3.

The page displays a list of pay periods and their monthly sheet processing status.

Setup Monthly Sheet

4.  Click on the icon for the pay period for which you want to set the monthly sheet.


Figure 3

A list of employees for whom the monthly sheet can be set appear in the Not Calculated tab that opens up, as shown in Figure 4.

5.  Select the employees for whom you want to generate the monthly sheet. You can select the All heading check box to select all the employees together.

6.  Click Run Monthly Sheet button to upload the monthly sheets of the selected employees.


Figure 4

The monthly sheet processing starts and the monthly sheet upload status appears in the Status field, as shown in Figure 5.

7.  Click Done.


Figure 5

The Calculated tab appears, as shown in Figure 6.

The page displays the monthly sheet records of all the employees whose monthly sheets have been processed and created by the system for the selected pay period.

You can now view, adjust and delete the monthly sheet records as per your requirements. Click icon to view the monthly sheet record and click icon to delete the monthly sheet record.

Alternatively, you can select multiple records and click View Selected Employees button to view multiple monthly sheet records and click Erase Selected Employees button to delete multiple monthly sheet records.

8.  Click icon for a record to adjust the monthly sheet heads for the corresponding employee.

Select multiple records or select all the records by selecting the All check box heading and then click Adjust Selected Employees  link to adjust the monthly sheet heads for multiple employees.


Figure 6

9.  Click OK on the confirmation message that appears, as shown in Figure 7.


 Figure 7

The monthly sheet details of the selected employee(s) appear in editable format, as shown in Figure 8.

10.  You can now modify the values of all the monthly sheet variables as desired. For example, if you want to add some LWPs or bonus amount for an employee, you can add/modify those values for that employee.

11.  Click icon in the Actions column to save the changes for the record.

Alternatively, you can click Save All to save the changes in all the records.


Figure 8

The changes made to monthly sheet record(s) are saved successfully and a message suggesting the same appears, as shown in Figure 9.

12.  Click Cancel to leave the page.


Figure 9

The monthly sheet is successfully created for the selected employees. You can now run the payroll to calculate salaries.

 Download / Upload Monthly Sheet

You can upload the monthly sheet for all the employees in one go. To upload the monthly sheet, you need to:

1. Follow steps 1-3 of Setup Monthly Sheet process and then click for the pay period for which you want to upload the monthly sheet, as shown in Figure 10.


Figure 10

The Manage Monthly Sheet page appears, as shown in Figure 11.

The page allows you to download the monthly sheet details of all the employees for the selected pay period.

2.  Click icon to download the monthly sheet of the selected pay period.


Figure 11

The Opening <monthly sheet name>.csv dialog box appears, as shown in Figure 12.


Figure 12

You can now save the file and open it in MS Excel, as shown in Figure 13. To know more about opening .CSV file, click Open.CSV file.

3.  Modify the Monthly Sheet CSV file with desired values for the employees and save the file.


Figure 13

4.  Browse the file from the Manage Monthly Sheet page and then click Upload from Upload the same file here field,as shown in Figure 14.


Figure 14

The monthly sheet upload status for all the employees appear, as shown in Figure 15.

5.  Click Done.


Figure 15

6. Follow steps 7-12 of Setup Monthly Sheet process to complete the upload.