Moving from Empxtrack Free Payroll to Paid Version

Upgrade Empxtrack Free Payroll for getting additional employee licenses and additional products such as Employee Portal and HRIS, Exit Management, Appraisal, 360 Feedback and more.

Empxtrack also offers Advanced payroll product along with the features that are already available in Free Payroll and HR software.

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Note : If you have any queries or need support in product upgrade process, click on the Request support Request support given on your application Homepage.

To get more information on how to upgrade a free trial of Empxtrack product (such as Appraisal, 360 Feedback, Exit Management, Employee Portal, Recruitment, Timesheet and others), go through the stepwise instructions and familiarize yourself with Multiple Upgrade Options in Empxtrack

To upgrade the application, you need to:

  1. Login to Empxtrack Free Payroll application as an HR Manager/ HR Admin. The landing page of the application appears as shown in Figure 1.

Figure 1

2. Click the Upgrade button. The upgrade page appears as shown in Figure 2.

You can either update employee licenses or get additional products.

Note: You can view the Frequently Asked Questions on the Upgrade page itself to get more information or avoid confusion when making a choice.

Figure 2

Update Employee Licenses

3. Click Update employee licenses button to purchase additional employee licenses.

A dialog box appears where you can specify the total number of employees as shown in Figure 3.

Figure 3

Empxtrack allows 75 free licenses. To buy payroll, the minimum count of employees should be 25.

  • If you enter employees less than 25, an error message will show indicating that you need to set up a minimum of 25 licenses.

Figure 4

  • If you specify employee licenses more than 25, your product will be upgraded successfully.

Figure 5

  • If you specify employee count as 85 (which is more than 75 free licenses), the system will ask you to purchase the additional 10 licenses. Click OK and go to payment mode.

Figure 6

4. In the next step, specify your Contact Information (Phone number and Email id) and proceed further to make payment. Click on the Proceed button shown at the bottom of the dialog box.

Figure 7

5. Specify your card details and complete verification. Empxtrack never stores credit card and bank account details that are used for making payments to Empxtrack.

Note: Empxtrack only accepts payments through Credit Card and currently supports Stripe or Razorpay (depending on your geography). We are working on adding more options such as Paypal in the near future.

6. Post payment, your purchase for additional employee licenses is successfully done.

You can start using the application with an updated number of employee licenses.

Additional Products

Empxtrack offers additional products besides the one you have enrolled for. There are two categories of products available on this page: Free and Paid.

1. Free Products

These are Usage based products (and not employee count) indicated by icon, such as Performance appraisal, 360 Feedback and Exit management. For example in the 360 Feedback product, you may just like to buy 10 Feedbacks although there are 50 employees in the system. The same applies to Appraisals, Exit and other similar products.

Follow the steps to start using these products at absolutely no cost:

i) On the upgrade page, there is a list of available products as shown in Figure 8.

Figure 8

ii) Click on the Start for free button corresponding to a usage based product (Employee appraisal). Empxtrack 360 Feedback, Performance Appraisal and Exit Management is Free for upto 2, 5 and 2  employees respectively.

Figure 9

iii) A confirmation message appears. Click the OK button and the new product will get activated. Click on the Homepage icon on top to view the newly added tab (Performance appraisals) on the homepage.

You can now start using the free product offering for the specified number of employees. Post that, you will have to purchase the additional licenses.

2. Paid Products

These are employee count based products indicated by  icon, such as Advance Payroll, Employee Portal and HRIS and Advanced configurations. These are the paid products with a monthly charge on your credit card.

Follow the steps to purchase the paid products:

i) On the Upgrade page, click on the Update employee licenses button and specify employee count (minimum count should be 25). Click the Submit button.

ii) Click Buy now button corresponding to an employee count based product such as Advance payroll, as shown in Figure 8.

iii) In the next step, specify your Contact Information (Phone number and Email id) and proceed further to make payment. Click on the Proceed button to complete the purchase process.  Post payment, you can instantly start using the application.

Similarly you can purchase the Advanced configuration options and Additional implementation efforts depending upon your company needs.

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