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A salary structure is a template that contains salary heads that may have formulas or dependencies among each other. Empxtrack supports multiple salary structures. A salary break-up, on the other hand, is the assignment of a salary structure to employees with specific values for each head. The assignment is applicable of a specific date and this date is used to calculate arrears automatically (if applicable). In the employee database, employees may or may not be assigned a salary structure.

The upload salary structure functionality allows you to upload the salary breakup and salary structure details of all the employees in one go. This functionality is useful when you need to initialize the Empxtrack system for the first time to run payroll to calculate salaries thereafter. You can even upload new salary structure for employees post appraisal or mass salary increment.

Watch the video to view stepwise instructions to upload salary structure for multiple employees

Upload Salary Structure for all Employees

To upload salary structures, you need to:

  1. Log into the system as HR Admin/ HR Manager.
  2. Click on the Payroll tab on the Homepage. Process payroll page appears on the screen where you can see the Payroll shortcuts. Click on the Setup salaries for employees.

    Figure 1

  3. The Setup Salaries for employees page appears on the screen. Here you can upload salary structure for multiple employees in one go.
  4. Select the checkbox corresponding to the name of the employees whose salary structure is not assigned.

Figure 2

5. Click Upload salary breakup link at the bottom of the page.

Download the Salary Structure File Format

6. A new dialog box appears as shown in Figure 3. Select the preferred salary structure from the Select Structure dropdown for the selected employees.

7. Click Download sheet icon shown in front of Download Sample Sheet in csv format.

Figure 3

The download window that allows you to save the salary structure format file on your computer appears as shown in Figure 4.

8. Click OK. The file will be downloaded on your computer.

Figure 4

Note: The Opening <import master> page may or may not appear in your browser because its appearance depends on your browser version and your browser settings. If you do not see this dialog box appearing, you can save the target file on your computer and then change the extension of the file to.csv. You can now open the file in MS Excel. To know how to open the file in MS Excel, click Open .CSV File.

9. Once the .csv file is downloaded, you have the format in which the data needs to be put. You can now put the salary structure information in the file as shown in Figure 5.

Figure 5

Note: Ensure that dates that you provide, appear in the format mentioned in the .csv file. If dates do not appear in desired format, then right-click the date cell(s) in which you are providing dates and then select the correct date format so that date appears in <MM/DD/YYYY> format.

Upload the CSV File

10. Once you have added the data of all the employees in the csv file, you can upload the file to Empxtrack system. Browse the .CSV file from your computer in which you have filled salary structure data.

11. Click Upload button appearing next to Upload the same file here text box as shown in Figure 6. Click Save.

Figure 6

The salary structure for selected employees is uploaded successfully.


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