Employee data verification and update

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Initial verification and update of employee data is a necessary step to run payroll. HR needs to check out basic details of employees, like salary structure, date of joining, attendance, state, PAN information, Bank account number, UAN information. These details are important for processing payroll of a specific month.

Empxtrack allows you to verify and update employee data and attendance while running the payroll.

  1. Login as an HR manager.
  2. For initial verification of employee data, select a specific month from the Spend Dashboard to run payroll for that month, as shown in Figure 1. Figure 1
  3. The Process payroll: Step 1 page displays employee information dashboard along with the status of each field. The encircled question mark represents the missing information and and encircled check mark represents the existing or captured info.
  4. You can update the missing information or edit the existing information right there. You need to click on the arrow on employee image and you will get a popup menu as shown below. Click on the view employee data in the banner to access employee profile and you can edit/update the employee information there. To learn how to edit employee info please check View/ Edit employee data
  5. You can verify and update the employee attendance on the process payroll page. To update employee attendance select the employees in the dashboard as shown below
  6. On the next screen you can view attendance of entire team for which the payroll is being run. You can clear existing attendance clicking  the link clear attendance and update the attendance and click on Regularize to save the updated attendance.

To Learn how to regularize attendance Click here
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