Calculate Deductions and Setup Disburse Date

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In the third step to Payroll run, you can view the calculated gross, deductions and Net payouts including the payment mode in the dash board as shown below

Figure 1

To adjust the deductions finally before finalizing the pay roll for an employee you need to click on the Adjust icon as shown in below screenshot.

Figure 2

OnĀ  the next page provide the updated value of deduction heads and click on Save all button to save the adjustment.

Figure 3

Once all deductions are updated as stated above you need to set up the disburse date.

To set up the disburse date you need to Select all the employees and click on the set payment mode

Figure 4

On the next page you can double check/ update the payment option before setting up the disburse date, once done click on Save all button

Figure 5

Next you need to provide the disburse date and click on update.

Figure 6

Once the disburse date is setup you can view the dashboard shown below

Figure 7


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