Create Organizational Structure

Every organization needs a structure in order to operate systematically. An organizational structure consists of activities such as task allocation, approval and supervision, which are directed towards the various workflows that run in the organization for approval process and achievement of organizational aims. It can also be considered as the perspective through which individuals see their organization and its environment.

To create a new organizational structure, you need to:

  1. Log into the system as an HR Manager.
  2. Go to Settings >> Employee Management >> Organization Chart.

    The Manage Organization Structure page appears, as shown in Figure 1.

    The page displays the existing organization structure (if exists) or allows you to create an organizational structure.

  3. Click Add Unit to add a new unit to the already existing organization structure.

    Figure 1

    The Add Sub Unit On >> Existing Structure window appears, as shown in Figure 2.

    The window allows you to add units/ subunits to it so that the hierarchy of the company in which it operates can be created.The different types of units/ subunits that you can add to the structure are:

    • Company: Select this option to add a branch office or a sub-company of your organization to the organizational structure.
    • SBU: Select this option to add a department or a sub-unit to the existing unit.
    • Region: Select this option to add a region to the organizational structure.
    • Function: Select this option to add a function to the organizational structure.
    • Location: Select this option to add a location to the organizational structure.
    • Department: Select this option to add a department to the organizational structure.
    • Sub-Department: Select this option to add a sub-department to the organizational structure.
  4. Select the appropriate Unit Type for your organizational structure.
  5. Select the parent unit of the unit that you want to add from the Master on Unit Type dropdown.
  6. Provide the name of the unit that you want to add in the Unit Name field and click Save.

     Figure 2

    The unit/sub-unit is added successfully to the organizational structure displaying the People and Sub Unit links under it, as shown in Figure 3.

    Clicking on these links open up the employee  details and the subunits under it. Click View People and Subunits for a unit for more details.

    You can now add more units to the structure or add subunits to the existing unit(s), if required by using the same steps.

  7. Click Options button.

    Figure 3

    The Options popup menu appears and allows you to select an option to add a subunit under the current unit or modify or delete that unit, as shown in Figure 4.

  8. Select the desired option and follow the steps given above to modify the unit or add a new unit under it. The Delete Unit option will delete the unit.

    Figure 4

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