HR Help Desk

The Empxtrack HR Help Desk is a service tool that resolves HR-related queries and complaints of employees in a simple and intuitive manner. It acts as a bridge between the employee and the employer and allows the HR administrator to have a 360-degree view of employees.

It allows employees to create and submits tickets to the HR department for a variety of issues related to grievances, complaints, information request, resource request, suggestion, or notification.

The tickets created by the employees reach HR, who assigns the issue to the specialist, who should be able to resolve and close the issue.

This employee self-service-based management of HR issues and queries, frees HR resources from administrative work and allows centralized management of HR-related queries.  The employees can track the progress of the resolution of their queries and have a peace of mind and the employers can monitor the level of service their employees are receiving.

This HR Help Desk is a one-stop window for all that results in the total satisfaction of both the employee and the employer.

The HR Help Desk module allows you to: