Configure Exit Type and Reason

Empxtrack gives you the option to configure exit type and reason. This help page demonstrates steps to make configurations for exit module.

To Configure exit type,

  1. Login as Administrator or HR Manager.
  2. Go to Settings. Scroll down to Setup Masters and click Employee Data Masters as shown in Figure 1.

Figure 1

3.  Go to Employment Records (Promotions, Transfers, Exit) Related Masters section on the data masters page.

4. Click + sign in front of Exit Type as shown in Figure 2.

Figure 2

4. A dialog box appears where you can Add or Edit Exit Type. Mention the Exit type and Description in the text boxes and click Save to save Exit type in masters.

Figure 3


5. To add Exit reason, click on the Add link in the bottom. Mention the reason and brief description.

6. Click on Save button to save the reason.

Figure 4

7. The newly added exit reasons shown on the screen with Delete and Edit icons. To Edit the reason, click on the pencil icon in front of the reason and click bucket icon to delete the reason.

Figure 5


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