View Subordinate’s Timesheet

A manager and HR can view Timesheet of their subordinates and identify time spent on each project. Accordingly, they can figure out billable and non billable hours spent by team members on each project.

Note: Timesheet is not available in Free Payroll and HR software. Upgrade to a paid version to avail this feature.

Approval of subordinate’s timesheet

To view subordinate’s timesheet, you need to:

  1. Log in to the system as a Manager or HR manager.
  2. Go to Process tab and scroll down to Timesheet section. Click View timesheets for all team members link as shown in Figure 1.

    Figure 1

    The Manage Timesheet page appears with Timesheet approvals tab opened up by default, as shown in Figure 2. The page displays the billable and non billable hours of the team members.
    Non-billable hours: The number of hours spent in projects that are not billable to customers.
    Billable hours: The hours spent in projects that are billable.

    Figure 2

    a. Click View icon to view the timesheet of an employee. The page appears as shown in Figure 3.

    Figure 3

    b. Click Add to add timesheet entries of the team members. The Add window appears as shown in Figure 4. You can add multiple entries, one after another.

    Figure 4

    c. Select the date for which you want to fill the timesheet entry for the team member from the Date dropdown and the project from the Project dropdown.
    d. Select the activity from the Activities dropdown and the time spent on the activity on the Hours and Minutes boxes of the Hours field.
    e. Enter the details of the activity in the Comments field and then click Save. Click Save & add more if you want to make more entries.
    The timesheet entry is successfully saved and a message suggesting the same appears. The number of hours are added to the time spent by the employee on the project, as shown in Figure 5.

    Figure 5

Time spent on projects

3. Go to the next tab Time spent on projects. This page displays timesheet details for all employees in your span consolidated along different parameters (as shown in Figure 6).

    • Timesheet entries: Displays all the timesheet entries for all employees in the span
    • By employee: Displays time captured by employees.
    • By projects: Displays time captured across each project.
    • By activities: Displays time captured by activities.

Figure 6

Project allocation

4. Click the next tab Project allocation. The page displays the allocation of projects to different employees.
A project will have a hyperlink, if the manager has edit rights to the same. View time spent by an employee for each project allocated to them for different time periods by clicking on Project wise utilization link.

5. HR can click on the other tabs to manage projects and client. These functionalities are not available for Managers. Projects are associated with clients that allows HR to manage client wise reports and billing effectively.


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