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Empxtrack allows employees to record their time spent on different activities and projects in Timesheet. The system displays a weekly Timesheet. The weekends, holidays, and leave are already marked in the Timesheet. Employees can fill timesheet on weekends, leave and holidays depending on the timesheet configuration.

Note: The steps mentioned below are of Empxtrack Enterprise product.

To fill a timesheet, you need to:

    1. Log into the system as an Employee.
    2. On the Homepage, click on the Timesheet tab. A new page appears on the screen. Click Add button to add time card entries. A window Add appears where you can fill time entry as shown in Figure 1.

      Figure 1

      Note: Alternatively, you can go to the Toolbar in the header where Shortcut widgets are given and click Timesheet icon. Fill the timesheet in just a few clicks (as shown in Figure 2).

      Figure 2

    3. Change the Date, if required.
    4. Select the projects on which you have worked from the Projects dropdown. You can see only those projects in the Projects dropdown that are assigned to you.
      Note: In case you don’t see a project, request your HR Manager to add you to the project such that you can capture time for the same.
    5. Select the activity on which you have worked for the project from the Activities dropdown. You can see only those activities in the Activities dropdown that are associated with the project.
    6. Enter the time spent on the activity in Hours and Minutes boxes of Hours field.
    7. Enter your comments on the activity done in the Comments field.
    8. Click Save and continue with the same steps to add more entries. The timesheet is successfully filled and saved.Once you have captured entry for a specific time period, you may need to submit the same. The approval process depends on your organizations policy.Note: If you have filled excess hours that go beyond the number of maximum hours configured (if configured) then the excess hours appear in red color. This happens when the maximum number of hours are configured by the HR manager in the timesheet configurations while putting a check on the excess hours.

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