Customize Rewards / Discipline Settings

You can customize the workflows for Rewards and Discipline sub modules for the team members in your company, as an HR Manager. To customize the workflows for rewards and discipline submodules, you need to:

  1. Log in as HR Manager.
  2. Go to Settings >> Manager Services Settings >> Rewards and Discipline Settings.

    The Rewards and Discipline Settings page appears.

  3. Click Reward tab to configure workflows for Reward module or click Discipline tab to configure workflows for Discipline module.

    The page displays the roles that are involved in the rewards/discipline submodules  and allows you to provide them view and edit rights, as shown in Figure 1.

  4. Select View checkbox for a role to allow view rights to that role for the rewards/discipline submodule

    The Workflow dropdown appears for each user under  Edit column.

    The Workflow dropdown allows you to configure the approval workflow for the  rewards/discipline. For example, if you select Mgr To HRM option from the Workflow dropdown for Manager role, then when a manager creates a  rewards/discipline request for an employee, the request would be approved by the HR manager. Else if the workflow selected is Direct Lite then the  rewards/discipline request will be directly approved without any workflow.

     Figure 1

  5. Select the appropriate workflow for the  rewards/discipline request approval for the users from the corresponding Workflow dropdown. The available options are:
    • No: Allows you deny edit rights to the user.
    • Direct Lite: Allows direct approval or self approval. This option can be selected for the HOD, CEO or other senior executives of the company
    • Emp To HRM: Allows employee’s  rewards/discipline request to be approved directly by HR.
    • Emp To Mgr To HRM: Allows employee’s  rewards/discipline request to be approved by the manager and then by HR.
    • Mgr To HRM: Allows the manager to create a  rewards/discipline request for a subordinate and then send it to HR manager for approval.
    • Emp to Mgr: Allows employee’s  rewards/discipline request to be approved directly by the manager.
  6. Configure the permissions for all the users in the same manner.
  7. Click Save Changes.

    The  rewards/discipline sub modules are successfully configured.