View Leave Policy

As an employee, you can view the leave policy for each leave type available to you. Before applying for leave, you may want to refer to your company’s leave policy. This page discusses how to view your leave policy as an employee.

To view leave policy, you need to:

  1. Log into the system as an employee.
  2. Go to Process >> scroll down to Leave and click on View Leave Policy (under more drop down) as shown below

    Figure 1

    The My Leave page appears, as shown in Figure 1.

  3. Click Leave Policy tab.leave-view-leave1

    Figure 2

    The Leave Policy page appears, as shown in Figure 2.The page is divided in to four sections: Leave Policy, Workflow, Credit Policy, and Lapse Policy.

    The Leave Policy column displays the parameters of the leave policy for each leave type appearing as column headings. You can view the leave policy for each leave type on given parameters.

    For example, consider the fourth parameter specified in Leave Policy column – Balance Required.  Now check this parameter for each leave type.  The CL, EL and CO has yes configured for this parameter where as for SL, No is configured. This suggests that leave balance is required for CL, EL and CO leave types but not for SL leave type.


    Figure 3

    The Workflow section displays the workflow for each leave type for each user involved in the workflow, as shown in Figure 3.

    For example, the Workflow for CL for the employee is Emp To Mgr to HRM, which means that leave applied by the employee would be approved by his/ her manager and then it would be sent to HR for final approval and records update.

    The Workflow for HR Manager is Direct Lite, which suggests that a leave applied by employee can be directly approved by the HR Manager.


    Figure 4

    The Credit Policy section displays the credit rules for each leave type on parameters such as Credit Date, Credit amount for employee, and Rules for mid period joining .

    The Lapse Policy suggests the leave lapse rules at the end of the year. If the balance is set to zero for a leave type then the leave for that leave type will not be carried forward else the number of leave carried forward will appear for the leave type.

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