Download Leave Balance

As HR manager you can run and download the leave balance report of the employees. The report displays the leave balances in each of the leave types. To run and download leave balance report

  1. Log in as HR manager and go to Process, scroll down to the bottom page to the Reports and click to leave balance as shown below 

    Figure 1

  2. The reports page appears as shown below. You need to select the full data report to get the leave balance detail.
  3. You can select All in leave type drop down to get the leave balance in all leave types or you can select a specific leave type and view and download the balance for all employees

    Figure 2

  4. Once done with configuration here click on Run button to run report within the application. Tou can also download the report in your desired format by clicking on respective link as shown below

    Figure 3

  5. The report within the application looks as follows

    Figure 4

  6. The downloaded report looks as shown below

    Figure 5

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