Approve Leave as Manager

Leave requests raised by employees go through an approval process. Managers are responsible for approval or rejection of a subordinate’s leave request (depending upon the company’s workflow). Empxtrack allows managers to manage leave requests of their subordinates even on the move.

Watch the video for step by step instructions on how a manager can view and manage leave for team

Note: The steps mentioned below are of Empxtrack Enterprise product. The leave approval workflow varies for each Empxtrack product.

To approve the leave requests, follow the steps:

1.  Log in to the system as a Manager.

2. On the Homepage, click on the Leave tab.

3. The Leave details page appears that displays a leave dashboard and monthly leave summary. Scroll towards the bottom of the page to view all leave records.

4. The system displays all the leave records for the selected month. To view leave transactions for a specific period, go to the Data Filter section and change the Financial Year and select the required time span from the dropdown.

Figure 1

5. Click on Pending tab to view records that are yet to be approved. Make sure the required time period is selected that shows Pending requests. Click View icon to approve the leave request.

Figure 2

Note: Alternatively, manager can also follow this path to view and approve pending requests: Login as Manager >> Go to Message Center >> Click View icon in the corresponding message of the leave request.

Figure 3

6.  Click Submit button to accept the leave request or Reject button to reject the leave request.

The leave request is successfully accepted, rejected, forwarded to the next approver and a message suggesting the same appears on the home page.

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