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As an employee, you can apply the leave types available to you. This help page demonstrates steps to  apply for leave as an employee.

Note: The steps mentioned below are of Empxtrack Enterprise product that offers multiple leave types.

Apply for leave as an Employee

Watch the video for step by step instructions to apply leave as an employee

To apply leave, you need to:

  1. Log into the system as an Employee.
  2. On the Homepage, click on the Leave tab. My leave page appears on the screen
  3. Click on the Apply icon corresponding to the leave type that you want to apply for.

    Figure 1

    The Apply for Leave: <Leave Type> page appears, as shown in Figure 2.

    The page displays your leave approval work flow at the top of the window. It shows the roles of all the app rovers at each stage of the workflow with their names.

    Usually, once you apply for leave, it is submitted to your manager who approves it and submits it to HR manager for updation of your leave records. However, this leave workflow may change according to your company’s specific requirements by your HR Manager.

  4. Select the start date and end date of the leave from Duration calendar controls. The total number of days you would be on leave appear.leave-apply-leave3

    Figure 2

  5. Provide the reason for leave in the Reason for Leave field and click Apply. The Leave is successfully applied and a message suggesting the same appears.leave-apply-leave5

    Figure 3

    Apply for a Compensatory Off

    An employee is entitled to avail a Compensatory leave against a day, when the employees has worked on a non working day.
    1. Login as an Employee.
    2. On the Homepage, click on the Leave tab.
    3. Look for Compensatory off leave type and apply for it. Click on the Acquire icon to avail the Comp off leave.

    Figure 4

    Note: Compensatory Leave type and Work From Home can be configured in the Setup leave types. An employee can avail Compensatory off only if this allowed by their employer.

    A window Acquire: Comp Off appears as shown below. Input the Day and Reason for leave in the textboxes.

    Figure 5

    4. Click Apply button. The request is submitted to the Manager (depending upon the leave approval workflow – it may vary for each organization).

    Once the leave is accepted by the Manager, there count for Compensatory off leave is increased by 1. The Compensatory leave type is credited with one day as shown in Figure 6.

    Figure 6

    5. Apply for the leave by clicking on the Hand icon.
    6. Select the Day by using calendar controls.
    7. Select the date again which you wish to avail the Comp off leave from the Avail against dropdown. All the Comp off that an employee has worked for are listed here.

    Figure 7

    8. Click Apply button. A message suggesting that the leave application is sent to the Manager appears on the screen.

Apply for leave on behalf of an employee as an HR Manager

Watch a video on how manager or HR can view and manage leave for team

To apply for a leave on behalf of an employee, you need to:

  1. Login to the system as an HR manager/ HR admin.
  2. On the Homepage, click on the Leave tab. Leave details page appears on the screen.
  3. Click Apply leave for others button. A dialog box appears where you can Select the employee (by their name, email id or employee number) on whose behalf you wish raise a leave request. Click Select employee button.
  4. Select a leave type and fill in all the necessary details such as leave date and reason of absence as shown in Figure 8.

Figure 8

           5. Click the Apply button. A message appears on the screen suggesting that the leave for selected employee is applied successfully.

A manager can also apply for a leave on behalf of their subordinate. To do that, click Approve Leave as Manager and follow the steps.

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