View and Update Employee Data

In this section you will learn how to view employee information and update as HR manager.

Employee Basic Details

To view/ Update employee data, log in as HR manager and go to Process Tab. In process scroll down to View/Edit employee under Manage employee section. You can search employee by Name, First name, Last name, E-mail and Employee number and Employment status as shown below

Please search an employee by any of the method stated above for example by full name as shown below and click to access the employee profile

Click on the pen picture icon to edit employee basic information like Name, employee number, username, gender date of birth etc. as shown below

On the next window you can update the information and save in the application

Employment Related Details

You can update the employment related information like doj, department, designation, employment location, state etc in the Employment Details section of employee profile as shown below

click on pen icon in  Employment Details section as shown belowOn next screen update the relevant information on next screen and hit save to update in database.

Personal Details

You can input and update multiple employee dependents information in the Personal details section as follows

To input new dependent detail click on the

  • Click on the +icon as shown below

On next screen provide all dependent related information and hit save. To Edit existing dependent information, please click on pen icon before dependent details as shown belowDocument and IDS 

Empxtrack allows you store multiple documents and ID in the application. The stored documents and IDs can be viewed in documents and IDs section of employee profile .

To add  documents like, passport, appointment letter etc in the application

Scroll down to documents and Ids section of the employee profile and click on ADD document icon as shown below

On the next screen choose document type to be stored and provide all required information, if you like you can upload the copy of document stored in your computer and click on save.

The saved document show up in the application as shown below in Documents and IDs section of employee profile.

To Add  Confidential IDs as Bank account number , PAN details, Adhar details etc of the employee click on the Add confidential Ids icon in documents and IDS section of employee profile as shown below.

Select the confidential ID type, provide all related details upload the copy of ID in the application and hit save to store the details

Exit employee and Restore the employment status

At any point of time employee may quit the job and leave the organization. To remove such employees profile from active employee list HR has to mark employment status of employee as Exit in employee profile.

To mark the employment status of the employee exit you need to click of forward arrow icon in Employee basic details section as shown below 

On the next screen provide the last working date of the employee and click on save

On next screen confirm the employee exit and click on ok

Now you can view employment status of the employee as exit in employment details. Employee would no longer be visible any where except the exited employee search and to rejoin the employee you can click on mark current link shown in below figure.